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Item Categories - Flea Market

Ashtrays Assorted
Coca Cola
Logo Cups and Mugs
Logo Glassware Matches
Swizzle Sticks Tins Sold (For Reference)
Alarm Systems and Parts
Alarm System Parts
Contacts Sold (For Reference)
Accessories Sold (For Reference)
Pegasus CD'S & DVD's
Accessories Etc Adult Theme
Cassette Tapes Movies DVD Music CD
VHS Tapes
Sold (For Reference)
Automotive Parts
Cars Sold (For Reference)
Belts Sold (For Reference)
Comic Books Craft Books Educational
Hardcover - Non Fiction Hardcover - Science Fiction Hardcover - Vintage
Kids Books Magazines - Pulp Fiction Magazines - Science Fiction
Paperback - Non Fiction Paperback - Science Fiction Paperbacks (Free)
Travel Vintage Collector's Books
Listed on Biblio
Sold (For Reference)
Assorted Other Beer Bottles Colored Glass Bottles
Decorator's Bottles Glass Bottles Medicine and Potion Bottles
Vintage Collector's Bottles
Sold (For Reference)
Cameras Filters and Adapters

Sold (For Reference)
Ceramic Crystal Glass
Porcelain Resin Cast Wrought Iron

Sold (For Reference)

Sold (For Reference)
Boxes Horn Bone or Ivory Stone Carvings
Wood Items Wooden Printing Blocks Sold (For Reference)
Cookie Jars Crockery Serving Dishes
Stoneware Trinkets Salt & Pepper and Spice Jars

Sold (For Reference)
Music Boxes Snow Globes
Sold (For Reference)
Clothing - Men's, Women's and Kid's + Costumes
General Costumes Gloves, Muffs and Mittens
Renaissance Costumes Socks and Leg Warmers Sweat Shirts and Polo Shirts

Kid's Boys Girls
Men's Jackets Pants
Shirts Sweaters Vests
Women's Assorted Tops Dresses
Jackets Pants Sets
Skirts Vests Sold (For Reference)
Clothing Accessories
Buckles Purses
Sold (For Reference)
Paper Money Tokens

Sold (For Reference)
Collectibles & Memorabilia
Sports Collectables

Sold (For Reference)
Computer Related
Accessories Components Peripherals
See Also Games Sold (For Reference)
Cosmetics, Medicines and Sundries
Creation Lamis
Pain Relief Sparitual

Sold (For Reference)
Cups, Tea Cups, Coffee Mugs and Advertizing Mugs
Advertizing Mugs
Assorted Cups and Mugs Asian Cups
Girlie Cups
Sports Cups and Mugs Vintage Tea Cups

Sold (For Reference)
Art - Assorted Drink Glasses Art - Candy & Desert Dishes Art - Decor Glassware
Art - Paper Weights Art - Wine Glasses Beer Glasses
Champagne Glasses Dessert Glasses
Fine Crystal
Formal Water Goblets Glass Jars Glass Bowls
Glass Plates Margarita Glasses Martini Glasses
Milk Glass - Assorted Milk Glass - Vases Tumblers & General Glasses
Vintage Glassware - Odd Items Wine Glasses Sold (For Reference)
Halloween Items
Halloween Items Assorted Masks
Plush Toys Wreaths Sold (For Reference)
Assorted Hardware Door Knobs Vintage Hardware

Sold (For Reference)
Straw Hats
Work Hats
Housewares and Furniture
Furniture Wall Hangers

Sold (For Reference)
Jugs, Pitchers and Teapots
Vintage Jugs
Vintage Tea Pots Vintage Water Pitchers

Sold (For Reference)
Track Lights and Pods Vintage Glass Lamp Shades

Sold (For Reference)
Medieval, Renaissance and General Historical Items
Books and Literature Bottles
Drinking Ware General Historical Items Knives and Letter Openers
Sold (For Reference)
Metal Items - Vintage and New
Brass Bronze Copper
Iron Silverware Tin
Wrought Iron Candle Holders
Sold (For Reference)
Military Collectables
Military Collectables

Sold (For Reference)
Playboy and Erotica Collectables
Ashtrays Books and Videos
Other Magazines
Playboy Mags - 1954 -1969 Playboy Mags - 1970 -1979 Playboy Mags - 1980 -1989
Playboy Mags - 1990 -2000+ Playboy Special Magazines Puzzles
Vintage Collectables Wood Carvings Sold (For Reference)
Porcelain and Bisque
Antique Plates Bells Collector Plates
Dinner Ware & Stoneware Eggs Serving Platters & Plates
Stoneware Boxes Trinket Boxes Trinkets and Odd Items
Trinket & Souvenir Plates Unusual Dinner Ware Sold (For Reference)

Sold (For Reference)
Ring Boxes
Ring Box ~ Large
Ring Box ~ Medium Ring Box ~ Small

Sold (For Reference)
Stamp Memorabilia
Stamps in Pkgs
Stamp Memorabilia

Sold (For Reference)
Artist Supplies Craft Supplies General Supplies
Picture Frames
Sold (For Reference)
Barbie Collectables Character Collectables Character Toys - Assorted
Diecast Models Dolls - Vintage Doll Clothing - Vintage
Games - Non Video Plush Toys
Ty Beanie Babies Box 1 Ty Beanie Babies Box 2 Ty Beanie Babies Box 3
Star Wars Collectables Star Wars Figurines Sold (For Reference)
Trains N Scale and HO Scale
Buildings HO Scale Trains & Cars
N ScaleTrains & Cars Parts Scenery
Sold (For Reference)
Crystal Fancy Glass Lrg Porcelain & Ceramic
Med Porcelain & Ceramic Metal Milk Glass
Small Porcelain & Ceramic Single Color Glass Special

Sold (For Reference)
Video Games ~ Raquel's Stuff
Anime DVD Game Boy Game Gear
Game Merchandise Nintendo DS Games Nintendo Game Cube
PC Games PS1 Games PS2 Games
PS3 Games Sega Genesis Wii Games
XBox 360 Games
Sold (For Reference)

Item Categories - Jewelry

Jewelry - ???

Sold (For Reference)
Jewelry - ???

Sold (For Reference)
Jewelry - Katherine
Necklace - Chokers
Miscellaneous Items Key Chains Sold (For Reference)

Item Categories - Rocks and Minerals

Rocks - ???

Sold (For Reference)
Rocks - ???

Sold (For Reference)
Rocks - ???

Sold (For Reference)
Rocks - ???

Sold (For Reference)

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