Medieval Flea Market

Renaissance and General Historical Items

General Historical Items

Merchant Sign

Perfect display sign for a medieval vendor. We use this in our shop. The two small metal baskets were added for decoration... the sign was used to point people to our shopping baskets, which were unique.  The duke is hand cut and painted by one of out Guild members

Asking: $19.50  Shipping: $7.80

Weight: 2lb 3oz  Back Shed

Etsy 163349832

Pen in Stand
1700's Doctor with a Mortar and Pestle

This is a very unusual pen created for Johnson & Johnson for a Medical convention. The base is weighted. Makes a nice addition to a roll top or other old writing desk. These pens are NEW, never used

Asking: $8.95  Shipping: $3.85

Dimensions:   Weight: 2oz    ZMF-003

Available: 3 + 3 in box
Etsy 163346542

He-Man Dragon Walker

This is not exactly a reenactor's item, but since many of your are also D&D and Fantasy fans, I figured this was the best place to list this item. It works and is in good condition, just needs batteries. Two decals fell off during cleaning and I left them loose.
Mattel Inc. 1983 Mexico.

Contact me for combined or international shipping

Asking: $9.50 Shipping: $6.50

Weight: 1lb 11oz total 

Etsy 163344892


Knives and Letter Openers

Hand Carved Bone Dagger  Argentina

This bone dagger is carved from one piece of bone. Can be used as a letter opener.

Asking: $24.50  Shipping: $5.50

Dimensions: 14" long
Weight: 4oz 
Living Room

Etsy 163355263
Damascus Steel Dagger

These daggers are hand forged in Damascus, Syria in the traditional way. The unique folding pattern of Damascus steel is clearly visible in the photos.. Two sizes available. These are imported and NEW but do not come with a sheath.

On Hold    Asking: $145.00 small   Shipping: $6.25 

Dimensions: Small - 9.25" total; 5" blade  Weight: 6.5oz   Living Room
Available 2 
Etsy 1

Books and Literature

Favorite Medieval Tales

1998  Stories retold by Mary Pope Osborne
Illustrated by Troy Howell

Good condition, no creases or tears

Asking $5.50 Shipping: $3.50

Size: 11" x 8".5"
Weight: 12oz total Living Room

Etsy 163343982


Drinking Ware


Candle Lantern #5

Perfect for adding period lighting to your encampment. Made of steel with dark aged copper anodizing. Used and shows minor rust stain on interior. 

Asking: $12.50  Shipping: $10.80
Local Pickup Available

Available: 1

Dimensions: Height 15" x7" across
Weight: 3lb




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