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Fossils (Assorted)

These specimens are from various locations. Actual location is in the descriptions

Location: Various

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Dino_Egg_01a.png ML-044
Mamenchisaurus Egg Fossil

Mamenchisaurus  was a plant-eating four-legged dinosaur, known for its remarkably long neck  which made up half its total length. It is known from numerous species which ranged in time from 160 to 145 million years ago, from the Oxfordian to Tithonian ages of the late Jurassic Period of China.

Yangtze River, near Yibin (??) in Sichuan Province of China

Price $4,999.00  Shipping: Free MFRB

Dimensions: 7" x 6" x 4"
Weight 5lbs 5oz

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Dinosaur eggs are very rare fossils. This is one of the few specimens in my collection that I did not personally collect from the field. I purchased this from a reputable dealer in the gem and mineral circuit in 1993 along with a dozen other Chinese mineral specimens.

Fossils are an investment, a hard asset and should make an excellent hedge against future inflation. Chinese and Argentina dinosaur eggs are the only two found in commercial quantities. Chinese eggs are the best preserved eggs in the world due to the geography of the region where they were buried. 

In the Hunan province of China the rivers where slow moving snaking rivers. When the floods came the waters rose slowly and did not disturb the eggs. This left them placed as they were laid and did not transport large stones into the flooded area that would break up the eggs. 

Since January 2009 the United States no longer allows Chinese fossils to be imported, so if you live in the United States and want to add a dinosaur egg  to your collection,  you must purchase one from the pool of existing fossils in the United States.

This is a good condition for collectors who already have their investment. It is the right formula for future price appreciation.

Utah Fish Fossil

This specimen was found in two pieces like shown. Would be best mounted into a frame.

Price $185.00  Shipping: MFRB

Dimensions: 9" x 5" x 1" approx
Weight: 3lbs 8oz`

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