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Land of Legends Gallery

Land of Legends was originally created to build a Historical Educational and Performing Arts Center, effectively a Destination Resort and local Arts Center. Plans are underway to make another attempt. In the meantime these shops are under the banner and a small step on the path.

The Flea Market is basically my 'catch all' shoppe that lists items in all categories. Some of those items will be co-listed on EBAY, ETSY, CRAIGSLIST and other sites. You can click he links on those or email me and buy direct. The full shopping cart is not yet set up so just email me with anything you want and I can 'make a deal'.
    This Flea Market is where I am selling off all my odd stuff. The listings are as labeled, but you can view them here as well and either link to any items where they are listed or drop me a line. All but the Ebay items are available on request.

    If any members of Pegasus have an item they would like to sell, contact me and I can post it on a members 'classified' page. You will be on your own to make the deal and we may charge a small percentage for 'ad space'. The idea is in the works and I will update everyone in the forum

  • Land of Legends Gallery - Art & Photo Gallery
  • Blue Knight Photography - Stock Photos - Coming Soon
  • Heritage Auction Listings - as they are accepted
  • Listia Free Listings
LISTIA is an auction like website where you use POINTS to get stuff. The items are free (just pay shipping costs if any)  Have stuff to get rid of? Post it here for free and earn points to get other peoples castaways. You also earn points for referrals.

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