Important General Information and Disclaimer

The following Guild History is a combination of real events taken from the pages of known History and a Re-creation of events that could have taken place in that time period. The Isle of Standauffish, a Medieval Re-creation Guild has formed a working History for its existence, and for those of its members that, by choice, have taken the same time frame for their personal Histories. Like most other re-creation groups members need not fit into our exact time frame to participate. More on this can be found in the Archives and in the Membership Info areas.

All the Historical information on this website; any of our flyers; booklets; maps; and other publications, has been gathered from various sources of actual History, from books and websites, and all effort to provide due credit has been observed. Credits for materials used can be found in the Reference Department of our Library. A number of fictitious sections have been added in strategic places where convenient gaps in actual fact occurred, to allow a place for us. This is the re-creation part of the History.

It is presented here and in this form solely for the purpose of creating a possible, though fictional, History for those of us involved in the Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Re-Creation Guild. It gives us a guideline as to where our personas fit into the History of the Knowne World in the year 1499, the year that is the “present” for our Guild. {1999}

The use of the History of the Tudors is intended to be both for educational purposes as well as to set the stage and time frame for our Guild members. No other representation is implied or intended. 

The Guild has chosen for its working time frame the years following the War of the Roses, when England falls under the Rule of Henry Tudor, King Henry VII. The Guild grew out of a concept based on a fantasy role playing game and has since evolved into its present form. The growth has been accompanied by an extraordinary set of coincidences, as you will shortly read about. The more we researched, the more the facts fit our fiction, but we will leave you to see for yourself how we put all this together. As this is also a "Living History" it has no end as yet, but continues to grow as new members come and add their stories and ideas.

The purpose of the Guild is to create personas that could have lived in the chosen time period, for fun and for the education of those we have contact with. In addition to Renaissance Faires, we participate in many other re-creation groups activities as well as taking part in charity events where a Medieval Theme is needed. 

Mention of the names and activities of other Medieval Groups is for reference only, as many of our Guild members are also involved as members in those groups, and the Isle participates at many of their functions. Appropriate credit and links have been provided direct to their organizations. More information on various groups and how to contact them can be found in our Library. This in no way implies that we have any official connection with those groups, nor speak on their behalf. 

Any questions about the Guild may be directed to;
Baron Sir Zorgon of Shalott
Viceroy of the Isle of Standauffish
{mka Ron Schmidt} 

Mailing Address : 
Isle of  Standauffish Renaissance Guild
    2585 Palma Vista Ave.
    Las Vegas, Nevada, 89121

Now on to the Stories

Make yourself comfortable, pour yourself a drink, and plan to stay awhile, for there is much to see and read about in our Realm. Though many of our persona Histories are in "period" style, we have written the History as if a Historian from today was writing the Epic. In this way it will be easier for most to follow the story, while still allowing the creative nature of our members to flourish.

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