Chap xx     Prologue
Chap 01     Lord Zorgon of Shalott
Chap 02     The Island of Shalott
Chap 03     The Circle of Knights
Chap 04     Chancellor Alderon Dragonsbane
Chap 05     The Building of the Fleet
Chap 06     Captain Carlos du Toirac
Chap 07     The Lady Acadia of Ballater
Chap 07a   The Lady Elora of Ballater
Chap 08     Connor MacLachlan of Stornoway
Chap 09     Lady Guinevere and Lady Aylimn
Chap 10     Drathmar, the Red Dragon

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The Realm of The Red Dragon

The time period we are recreating here is roughly a thousand years after the “historical” fall of Camelot and King Arthur's death. Myths and Legends tell of this great King, son of Uthar Pendragon, and his exploits. This is today traditionally thought of as around the 14th century, with all the great Knights, though more properly, if there can be such a thing with a legend, Arthur has been placed in the 5th century. And history finds a possible Arthur in the years after 500 AD, who may well have been the Arthur of Legend. Uthar Pendragon, another figure of legend, had a General that was well loved, and our Zorgon’s father, breaking with Welsh tradition, named his son after this great warrior, friend and loyal companion of an even greater King!

Being the son of a wealthy Lord in the late 15th century, Zorgon would have received a good education, and would spend some spare time reading in his library. Those books were full of stories of Knights and Chivalry, works like Sir Thomas Mallory's tales of King Arthur, “Le Morte d’Arthur, and romantic poems like the French “Romance of the Rose” So Zorgon was raised with all these tales of heroes and knights. And thus our story begins. 

For the purpose of our persona in the SCA and the ECS, as well as our character in LORD, we are going to set our time period in the late 14th century. That was the time when the Knights were in their glory, and the time most often portrayed as Arthur's time. Also, by that time many ships plied the oceans of the known world, which too, suits us well, as will become evident shortly.

For those of you who join our House from outside the Realm of the Red Dragon, perhaps a little background would be of service. The Legend of the Red Dragon is a game written by Seth Able Robinson, who himself has been seen dressed as the Bard at SCA events. Basically it is a text game for computers based on chivalry and sword play. It is very simple, yet the interactive feature of letter writing allows for a lot of fun and flirting. It is well known around the world and has given many people of all age groups a momentary relieve from the mundane world. Through this game many new friends have been made, and were it not for the game, the House of Shalott would never have become a reality.

But for the moment, we all live the dream!

Chapter One
Zorgon of Shalott

The land has once more fallen to chaos, as was common in those days of war and power struggles. All the Feudal Lords have taken to fighting amongst themselves for power. These battles have been well chronicled by various other Bards. Search the records for those stories of the battles known as the War of the Roses. 

Lord Zorgon was born the 12th of December, in the year of our Lord God 1442, in the 20th year of the reign of King Henry VI. As Shalott lay just to the north of the Lancastrian lands into the mountains of the  the Principality of Wales, the family stayed neutral for most of the War of the Roses. In 1473 the war finally took its toll. In an attack on the Castle of Shalott, though the Yorkist invaders were defeated, Zorgon’s father and mother were injured by arrows in the battle, and shortly afterwards died from their wounds. This left Zorgon heir to the family lands and chattels. 

And so it Begins

England was about to come under the rule of a Welshman for the first time, Henry Tudor, and there were many changes throughout the Realm at this time. At this troubled time, there arose to power a Lord, head of the House of Shalott, a four tiered Castle tucked away in the hills of Wales. No humble beginnings for him, as he comes from a wealthy family of gem merchants and jewellers to the Royal Family for generations. Having recently inherited the family Castle and lands due to the early death of his beloved father and mother in a recent feudal battle, he was very well off for the time period, especially considering it was a time of war.

One day, so the story goes, he rode his horse through the forests, his mind lost in thought. He came upon a vast field of flowers that stretched down to a large lake. 
He dismounted and tied his steed to a tree, then strolled into the flowers. This was the lake of Legend, he mused, the same lake of Legend, where Arthur's body was said to have been set aflame, adrift in a boat.

As he strolled in the hot afternoon sun, he listened to the birds singing and swore he heard the whispers of the fairies by the lake. Listening more closely to this chatter, he was surprised to hear his name being called. It was soft and musical, not a word really, almost a sigh on the wind. Following the little voices, he came closer to the edge of the lake, and sat by the cool waters. Soon, amidst hundreds of the little flying wonders, he drifted off to sleep.

While dozing, he had a vision of the future. In this vision the Lady of the Lake called out to him, and showed him what he must do. From that day forward, his life changed. He vowed to make the land whole once more for all the good people of the realm. 

When he awoke, the fairies were gone, there was no Lady of the Lake, and the sun was just setting. He thought about what he had dreamt not one to believe in things of a supernatural nature. He thought it most likely some scent of the flowers had poisoned his mind. He arose to take his leave, but a glint of sunlight on the shoreline caught his eye.

There, lying in the water partially covered with silt, was a sword! Wading into the cold shallow water, he reached for it and drew it out. It was remarkably well preserved though it had obviously been in the waters for quite some time. He cleaned it off, and could make out an inscription on the blade. It was that wondrous sword of Legend! Excalibur! Perhaps there was something to all those stories he had heard as a boy. Slowly he raised it up, the last rays of the sun gleaming off its surface, and when he held it aloft, he felt a power run through him, and this power gave him the strength needed for the path that he would soon choose to follow! 

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© Personal Device of Baron Sir Zorgon of Shalott 

So whether this be fate, or merely a dream, or perhaps even a flight of the imagination, nevertheless that day Zorgon believed! And upon this belief, came to create all that followed!

Over the next few years all his effort was turned to building a system of order based on the rules of chivalry and justice first brought about by Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. He was like a man possessed! Some thought him crazy, but his loyal friends understood what drove him. He used his family fortune to build his household, and soon word spread throughout the land that a new power was forming, and Knights and Ladies from many realms rode to the Island of Shalott to partake in this New World!

And for those of thee who still disbelieve, I say only this! Aske any in the various Kingdoms ye may journey through, about Lord Zorgon and his followers. Aske also about the House of Shalott and the Isle of Standauffish. Today the House of Shalott still stands and can be seen by all that would but travel to the Island of Standauffish! 

Judge ye not, my Lords and Ladies, whether be real or dream, for one day ye too may live the dream as do many of us! 

Huzzah to all!

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Chapter Two
The Island of Shalott

Castle Shalott
{Photo of Bodiam Castle ©1998 by Michael W. Cook}

In the southern part of what is now Wales a wide river runs south towards a large lake in the distance, the lake where Legend says Arthur was laid to rest, then continues out to sea. Within this river lies an island. On this island stands the castle, foreboding with its four grey walls and four grey towers, yet simple and peaceful. This is Shalott! Surrounded by a small Village, it sits there for all to see who should leave the forest. A mill stands on one side of the island.

This great castle was once home to another lady and the family legends tell of this noble Lady who sat and wove Tapestries. Tis said she was here when King Arthur and his Knights would pass by on the road below, and she would watch them pass in her great mirror. It is rumoured amongst the peasants in the surrounding area that her ghost still walks these halls, but then they are simple folk after all.

But the tale has survived to this very day. The great bard Alfred Lord Tennyson, upon passing these walls, heard the tales of the peasants, and in his hauntingly beautiful ballad, “The Lady of Shalott" immortalized this beautiful place. 
For those of you who battle the Red Dragon of the Realm, it can be found by travelling west through the forest, on past the Dark Cloak Tavern, through the fields of flowers to the lake where the fairies frolic! From there you will see the road turn north through the hills. When you round the next bend you will be able to see in the distance the four grey towers standing on The Island of Shalott! Follow the road down to the river. There you will come across a ferry to take you across. Once across, to the south you will see the ruins of what many claim to have been once beautiful Camelot, a place now cold and shrouded in the mists! Take the north fork and follow the road that runs by the river and you will reach the bridge that leads to the island, and there you will find the home of Lord Zorgon and all those trusted by him.

Once crossing the drawbridge, you enter the gate. Within the bailey, the first thing that draws your eye is another most impressive building. It is large and almost foreboding yet speaks of power. This is the Chancery. Within these hallowed walls the High Lord Chancellor Alderon holds office. This place serves many functions. The records of the Order of Knighthood are stored here, as well as the office of public record. It is here that the records of the deeds, or misdeeds, of all the Knights and Ladies of our Realm are kept.

Also the High Court of the Bishop, and the Court of Equity, lie within these walls. It is here that justice is meted out, and even the Lord himself is subject to these laws. And too, the office serves as the Chancellery of Embassy. All these things fall under Alderon’s jurisdiction. It is also said that below this building lie dungeons, which serve as the gaols of the Realm. But this bard hath never seen them, and to date hath not heard of one who has yet had the misfortune to be taken to them, so take heed lest ye be the first!

All Lords and Ladies of good character are welcomed within the Castle walls, and will find Haven and Rest from the battles raging across the realms, and too, shall find allies here for any just and noble cause!

Bodiam Castle has been used to represent the ancestral home of Shalott as it is one of the few standing castles that fits Tennyson's description. Inveray Castle in Scotland also does but that is the home of the Campbells, though the pictures of it well suit the new Shalott home on the Isle of Standauffish. For more about the castle and excellent photos visit our Bodiam Pages.

Chapter Three
The Circle of Knights

Needing some symbol to rally his new followers around, Lord Zorgon set his stone masons and carpenters to the task of building a table similar to the one King Arthur was said to have had. And with the help of his new ally, The High Lord Chancellor Alderon, he set about creating his own following of Noble Knights and Loyal Ladies. And this group of noble Warriors was soon known through out the Realm as “The Circle of Knights” 

So to this end, the good Chancellor set up office in the Chancery and took note of the deeds of Knights and Ladies, to see if they were worthy of the cause. And it was thus decided that in this New World being created, the Circle of Knights was to be open to any of the many female Warriors around the Realm that showed by deed and actions that they were worthy of such an honour.

And soon word spread around the Realm of this new power sweeping the land, they became renowned for their Honour, Chivalry and Fair Play, and many flocked to join the forces of this noble group. And word spread to other nations as well, to Normandy, to the land of the Scots and the Picts, to the Emerald Isles, to the lands of the Holy Wars, and even to the far Orient! And from all these regions came many great Warriors. It soon became necessary to create a voting council to help with the job of processing the new warriors, but all went well and the House of Shalott grew and prospered.

And as they came from all the corners of the Known World, each brought with them stories of their own lives, and of their journeys, of their ways of life. And all this added to the rich history of this place called Shalott!

The Circle of Knights has now been reformed as
The Imperial Order of the Red Dragon

Chapter Four
Chancellor  Alderon Dragonsbane

Alderon Dragonsbane, a tall lanky man, but with a pleasing disposition, had been in the Employ of Lord Zorgon’s family for over ten years. He was more of an uncle than an employee really, but had earned every bit of his reputation as Chancellor of the House of Shalott. Without his tireless effort, the business of the House would not run as smooth as it did. And though he had numerous responsibilities, he seemed to revel in his work, though he preferred to keep to himself as much as possible.

His origins are somewhat obscure. He met Lord Zorgon’s father in Spain on some business matter, and then booked passage to Wales for himself, his brother Lothar Dragonsbane and their mother, the Lady Adrianna. Having little money at the time, he struck a deal to pay for passage with service, and proved himself most valuable indeed. So no one troubled him about his past. And he came to love his position, and soon became wealthy in his own right. He was awarded a Coat of Arms for services rendered with the blessing of the Prince of Wales, and he received a parcel of land on the Island of Shalott on which he erected a large Manor House far above what was usual for a man of his station. His brother Lothar took a wife, the Lady Casey deVille, a Norman girl that had taken refuge on the Island. 

When Lord Zorgon took over the family fortune, it was only natural that this man of character remained in his position, and indeed, was granted even more power within the Household. The two men became very good friends, and Alderon accompanied Lord Zorgon on many journeys. He was instrumental in helping Lord Zorgon in restructuring the House into a powerful Guild.

© Personal Device of Lord Chancellor Alderon Dragonsbane

Chapter Five
The Building of the Fleet

The Fleet of Shalott
{Painting Info}

Since the House of Shalott was a merchant house, it was only natural for Lord Zorgon to have ships at his disposal. Having gained much added wealth from the prosperity of his Guild, he set about to create a proper fleet, worthy of even a King. 
Having two small ships already from his family business, he went to Portsmouth and commissioned four more, the Flying Dragon, the Azure Dragon, the Red Dragon, and the proud flagship, the Golden Dragon. These ships were the finest that could be built in those days. It was to be a glorious fleet!

While overseeing the building of this fleet, Lord Zorgon spread word that he would need a Captain and many able crewmen. While drinking ale in the local Tavern, word reached him of a man, that were only half the things he heard true, would be just the man he was looking for. So he had word sent to him and the next day they met over a jug of rum and a stout meal.

After swapping many a tall tale between them, they talked well into the night. By the time they were done, they had become good friends and struck a deal.  His name was Carlos du Toirac, whose story was told to this bard the following eve. Carlos was soon entrusted with the care and charge of the fleet, and he proved to be more than worthy of the trust placed in him. In no time at all he gathered a crew that became the finest group of Sailors that sailed the Seven Seas!

For many years this fleet sailed the seas of the Known World, bringing back the riches of many lands, and many a trip carried Crusaders both to and from the battlefields. It was on one such trip Lord Zorgon met Omar Kharim, but that is another tale!

Thus the coffers of Lord Zorgon and the House of Shalott grew to enormous abundance. And all those who served with the Guild and the House prospered as well! 

Chapter Six
Captain Carlos Du Toirac

Having need of a Captain for his fleet, Lord Zorgon met with a man who was said to be one of the best men for the job one was as likely to find.  His name was Carlos du Toirac; a family name long famous in France, whose Castle still stands for all to see to this very day. Though his name was French, the Spanish blood in his veins was clear to see. And it was to the later nation that this man had closest ties. In Language, too, this was most prominent.

This Captain from such a rich background had seen many battles. He himself had served in the Crusades for many years. He was a burly man, with many scars of battles, and good with a sward. His experience had taught him much in the leading of men. Having taken to the sea at an early age, he learned seamanship from the bottom up, but the calibre of the man soon moved him up in rank. His horsemanship skills acquired overseas also proved valuable, and he soon earned appointment to the Circle of Knights.

Long weary of the Holy Wars, he spent some time as a mercenary, but now he sought employ in a more worthwhile profession, to have a place to call home. So the offer of the Lord of Shalott came at a most opportune time for him. Having with him his own Saracen bodyguards, as well as a few other well trained crewmen, made him a formidable character, and he soon proved to be a most loyal companion as well. Captain Carlos du Toirac took charge of the fleet, and it was not long before it was a most efficient crew that sailed for Shalott! 

© Personal Device of Captain Sir Carlos du Toirac

Chapter Seven
The Lady Acadia of Ballater

Acadia Ballater was born 1st day of December 1492 as Avaline Fraser, the only daughter of Clan Chieftain Kenneth Fraser. Her father was an ardent and loyal supporter of King James IV, believing steadfastly in James’ encouragement of education. Though it was decreed by Law that only the Eldest son could attend university, all three of Acadia’s brothers attended the university at Aberdeen. It was however unusual for a girl to receive a classical education so her father made arrangements for his daughter to serve as a lady-in-waiting in the court of King Louis XII, and thus to receive an education there.

Acadia hated her time in France and missed terribly the beautiful woods around her home where she had played as a child. It was her love of the woodlands that led her father to nickname her Acadia, from the French “arcadia” for woods.

In 1511 Pope Julius formed the Holy League, to expel France from Italy.  Leagued against France along with the Vatican, were Spain, Venice, the Holy Roman Empire and England. Thus as France's only ally, James was forced to invade England in response to Henry VIII having invaded France. The battle of Flodden was a terrible defeat to Scotland Acadia’s father and three brothers died with King James on the battlefield as did a great many of Scotland's finest nobility. As an enemy of the Pope, King James and many of his loyal followers were excommunicated. But reluctant to accept the loss of so beloved a king, James and his supporters became legendary.

However Acadia found life difficult. Her mother, so grief stricken at the loss of her husband and sons, soon succumbed to illness and died. Dispossessed of her fathers’ lands and wealth, and as the daughter of a man excommunicated, Acadia found she had no means of support and was unable to arrange a respectable marriage.

Acadia decided that she mist leave her beloved homeland and seek her fortune where no one would know of her fathers’ shame. So that she would never forget the place of her birth, Acadia took for her name the nickname her father gave her as a child and the name of the Village that was in the woods where she had played by the River Dee.

She journeyed to Edinburgh, where she met a man named Lord Zorgon, a wealthy Merchant who owned a fleet of ships that sailed the known world. Acadia arranged passage on one of his ships and thus it was that she came to travel with Lord Zorgon of Shalott.

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© Personal Device of  Baroness Acadia of Ballater

Acadia is from the group of Frasers known as the Lovat Frasers, with origins tied to the Bruce. For information about the Lovat Frasers click on the crest above.  The town of Ballater is blessed with magnificent, unspoiled, location on Royal Deeside in the North East Highlands of Scotland, with spectacular scenery, relaxed ambience, friendly people and forest-scented air that you just seem to drink in. Sheltered by the Cairngorm Mountains, Ballater generally has a very pleasant climate in Summer punctuated by picture-postcard snowy Winters. In their Autumn colours the local forests are beautiful. Spring sees flowers and animal life emerging. So, anytime is a good time to visit, recognised by the people who turn up throughout the year. Ballater, Royal Deeside, Scotland

Chapter Seven-A
Elora Ballater of Shalott

Elora Ballater of Shalott is the daughter of Lady Acadia and Lord Zorgon. Her history is pending as of this writing.

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© Personal Device of  Elora Ballater of Shalott

Connor MacLachlan of Stornoway

Connor’s family was the ruling House on the Island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. His father, Sir William Daniel MacLachlan had moved to this quiet fishing village many years ago after being wearied by wars. Other than a bit of farming and some sheep herding, there was little to interest a young nobleman in this insignificant Port at the top of Scotland.

He spent most of his free time with the local Blacksmith, learning to forge metal. This smith had seen battles and was well versed in the ways of making swards and chain mail. Connor learned well and it was enjoyable work, but still he grew restless. His father understood what drove him only to well. So to this end, Connor spent many days at the harbour looking for any ship that might grace their shore save those of the fishing fleet.

By good Fortune, one day Lord Zorgon’s fleet sailed into view, and having been delayed by a storm, sought out the port to add any provisions they might find. The magnificent fleet was the best that Connor had ever seen in this out of the way corner of the world, and he vowed to be on board when they once again set sail.

At the docks he ran into Captain Carlos Du Toirac and after talking with him for some time, accepted a birth as cabin boy. Though not much for one of his stature, he was more than happy to get the chance to sail with this fleet, and the Captain had mentioned the possibility of one such as him having a good chance to Squire to one of the Knights of the Circle.

So he bade his father farewell, and made ready his belongings, and on the next morning's tide, the fleet made ready to continue their journey. His father waved to him as they made their way out to sea.

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© Personal Device of  Squire Connor MacLachlan

Chapter Nine
Lady Guinevere and Lady Aylimn

Lady Guinevere of Aquitaine, young Lady of fourteen, was the daughter of a French nobleman whose family was killed in the wars. One of her brothers had taken her along to England on a business trip, then on to Pembroke. It was here that she met, and was taken into the employ of a rich Welsh family from Pembroke, who offered her hearth and boarding in return for service. It was here with this family that she met and became close friends with their younger daughter, the Lady Aylimn. She served as her lady-in-waiting officially, but was more like a sister to her.

Lady Aylimn Llywelyn, younger daughter of George Llywelyn, a wealthy merchant in Pembroke with close ties to the Royal Llywelyn’s, befriended Lady Guinevere and the two became close friends. They were close in age, Lady Aylimn being older by four years, and the only two of their age in the area. So it was only natural that they would bond. All went well for the two for several years and they had a good life. 

Then one day George Llywelyn took seriously ill, and was on his deathbed. He feared that his daughter and friend would have a hard time of it without him.  Having dealt with Lord Zorgon for years in business matters and become a close friend, he found he had no option but to ask for a favour. He petitioned Lord Zorgon to take his younger daughter Lady Aylimn and her lady in waiting into his Household for protection.

Lord Zorgon readily agreed, and promised his friend that both would be as his daughters, and he would ensure that they would not want for anything and receive an education as well. George was at peace then, and died but a few months later, having had the good fortune to settle his affairs before leaving this world. 
So the two Ladies were welcomed to Shalott and made their home at the Castle, loved by all that met them.

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© Personal Device of  Lady Aylimn LLywelyn

Chapter Ten
Drathmar's Story

Artwork Credit  "The Big Red Dragon-closeup" © By Jeff Easley

The beginnings of the Isle and the History of Lord Zorgon began in a distant Realm, the Realm of the Red Dragon. It is here that the mighty Dragon met Zorgon and his Household.

Almost daily warriors and would be Dragon slayers came to test their metal against Drathmar. Basically a peaceful creature, he wanted little more than to be left alone in his cave in the mountains of Wales. But this was not to be. The local villagers had sent word throughout the land that they wanted a “dangerous beast killed, namely one red dragon that was the scourge of the country side”. This was, of course, false. Drathmar never bothered the villagers.

Soon warrior of all types came to the village, seeking fame. The villagers did fairly well for themselves with all this commerce, which was actually the real reason they started the rumours. They were pretty confident that no one would actually be able to kill Drathmar, so expected to live well for many years. But not one villager stopped to consider, nor care really, about how all this effected the dragon.

One day Baron Zorgon and a small band of his men rode into the Dark Cloak Tavern, a well known Inn on the main road that led to Castle Shalott. While taking ale, he and his men overheard a cocky fellow boast about how he would soon be a hero, after he had dispatched this Dragon. Chancellor Alderon Dragonsbane went to chat with the fellow, and on his return to the table passed on the news.

It was decided that all would ride out to investigate this story. So they rode with the braggart through the forest to this village. Talking with one of the elders, Barak, they confirmed the whereabouts of the Dragon's cave and rode off.

On the way to the cave, they came across a small hut halfway up the mountain. An old man came out to greet them, saying “Seek ye to slay the mighty Drathmar? Many have tried. I have seen many ride past here up the mountain.” He snickered, then added, “But I have yet to see one return.”

Zorgon’s party dismounted and stayed awhile to talk with the old man. “Ye are the first to have bothered to ask about the real state of affairs here. Come, join me for a spell, and I shall tell thee.” Here, while sharing an Herbal beverage with the old man, they learned the truth about the Dragon. And to their surprise, found that the Dragon could talk! All had heard rumours to this end about Dragon's, but never having run into one before, had no test of the matter. The old man told them they needed but to call out to the beast, and let him know they meant him no harm.

So the band rode on till they came to the cave. The area around the cave was strewn with the remnants of those that had come before, bones, leather and weapons lay everywhere. Chancellor Alderon called out to the Dragon. They heard a rumbling deep in the cave, and a few moments later Drathmar appeared. Heeding the words of the old man, the party had no weapons drawn when they faced the Dragon, though every man there felt ill-at-ease being weaponless in front of such a huge creature.

As it turned out, the advice of the old man was worth its weight in gold, for Drathmar did not attack. In a deep powerful, but clear voice he, to the surprise of all present, chuckled and said, “What is this? You seek to slay me and yet have no steel? You are either very brave, or very foolish!”

At this point a beautiful maiden came running from the cave. She pleaded with the group not to slay Drathmar, that he was a kind hearted soul. She pointed at the remains, saying, “These were all fools who would not listen to reason. He had no choice but to defend himself. I beg you milords, spare his life for there are many of you!”

Zorgon looked at his men than spoke, “Your pleas are unnecessary, fair maiden. Nay Dragon, we have not come to slay thee, for the wise old man in the cottage this day hath told us the truth of things.” So the group of men stayed awhile and talked with Drathmar, who was glad of the company after so many years of fighting off would be slayers.

The maiden's name was Violet, daughter of Barak, the village elder. The influx of “warriors” to the area had played havoc with her reputation, all unfounded, and most likely spread by frustrated would be suitors in the Tavern where she worked. So she spent much of her free time talking with Drathmar. They all chatted well into the night, Drathmar lighting them a fire.

By morning a deal had been struck. There were caves in the mountains near Castle Shalott that were secluded and unused. Lord Zorgon offered the Dragon a home on his Family lands free from persecution. It was thus that the mighty Drathmar became Guardian of the House of Shalott.

As to those villagers? Well they got what they deserved. Heading for home, the party bid the old man farewell, and told him of what had transpired. “He laughed for a while, but then became sad, “I shall miss that old rogue.” Bidding him farewell, they rode down the mountain. Captain Carlos du Toirac spurred the group through the village at a frantic pace, yelling, “Run for your lives! The Dragon cometh!” The villagers all ran into the woods to hide. When all had fled to safety, Captain Carlos shot a burning arrow into the sky. Drathmar swooped down and burned the village down in payment for all those years of suffering they had caused him. He then flew off towards the Isle, having been given a scroll of safe passage should any on the Isle accost him before the party returned. But Drathmar assured them that it would not be necessary, as he was quite good at keeping out of sight.

Violet, having no further place of employ, and wishing to see more of the world, bid her father farewell and accompanied the party back to Shalott. Her father's house, as well as those others not directly in the village proper, had of course been spared the flames.

And thus came Drathmar into the Employ of the House of Shalott, and when the House moved to the Isle of Standauffish, Drathmar came as well, a loyal friend to those on the Isle

The Realm we speak of here is that of L.O.R.D
"Legend of the Red Dragon"
An online BBS game created by the Bard
Seth Able Robinson


The Fleet of Shalott
Image used for Illustration of our History as example.
The full painting can be viewed in our Gallery in the Library

Detail from "Marine Landscape, 1653"
Willem van de Velde the Younger (Dutch English 1633-1707)
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 
Image Source: Web Gallery of Art 


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