Chap 01     The Empire of Chivalry and Steel
Chap 02     The Army de Mortis
Chap 03     Count Sir William Baine
Chap 04     Sir Camillo di Lombardi
Chap 05     Lady Ca’Lalah of Rosemyrth
Chap 06     The Kingdom of Vega
Chap 07     The Return of the Flying Dragon
Chap 08     The Birth of Medieval Merchants
Chap 09     Shalott Heads for Home
Chap 10     Jon Blackhawk and Jon Darkwolf
Chap 11     Sir Bradley of Armagh
Chap 12     Baron Sir Arthur de Powella 
Chap 13     Baron Sir Cirrus du ShadeauxMacheur
Chap 14     Jarl Eric the Ravenhearted

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Chapter One
The Empire of Chivalry and Steel

© Device of the Kingdom of Vega, ECS, Las Vegas

One day word was brought back by Captain Carlos du Toirac of a not too distant Realm that, for support of troops, might be friendly to the House of Shalott, so it was decided to send an expedition to visit this place.

Lord Zorgon left the Realm in the hands of Chancellor Alderon’s trusted staff who, with the help of the Circle of Knights, would have no troubles governing in his absence. He passed the crown to his kin and amidst a great fare thee well feast, quietly took his leave.

Along with the closest members of his household, as well as his trusted Chancellor Alderon, Lord Zorgon set about to travel to this neighboring realm, seeking new friendships and possible allies.  Captain Carlos stepped aside as Captain of the Fleet, so that Lord Zorgon may stand at the head of his proud Flagship, The Golden Dragon, but both men knew it was in name only. Zorgon swore that on their return, he would make Carlos a Commodore. They set sail early the next morning, the Fleet having been well prepared the previous week. Laden with trade goods and weapons to aide the new territory, they set out on the tide, five ships in all.

Then bad fortune befell the Fleet! A monstrous Storm developed without warning. The ships were tossed about for days on the rough seas. The Golden Dragon lost sight of the rest of the Fleet for days on end. When the Storm finally passed, and the sun returned to the skies, only one other ship was visible, and it was in bad shape. It was one of the smaller and older ships.  Longboats were sent out to take off the Crew, and all hands were miraculously saved, but the fate of the other three ships was unknown. {Painting info #1}

And it appeared as though the valuable cargo on the other ship would be lost soon too, as there was no way to take it on board the Golden Dragon, what with the already added weight of the Crew. There seemed no hope so they set sail, making ready to abandon her, when suddenly a crewman spotted sails in the distance. All prayed it was the lost Fleet, and quickly dropped sail again, but it soon became apparent that these where other Vessels by their bright gold and green colors.

Soon the Vessels were along side, and dropped sail. Zorgon hailed the Captain of the closest Vessel, and was invited to board. After explaining the circumstances of the other ship, which was obviously disabled and starting to take on water, this new captain, Captain Sir Camillo Di Lombardi, sent orders to his Crew and that of his sister ship to rescue as much cargo as was possible. Much to the credit of this great Captain, the majority of the cargo was soon loaded aboard his ships. What was left was not worth salvaging anyway.

Lord Zorgon was most impressed, and offered the salvage to this great Captain, who accepted not but the weapons, in service of his Prince, and did so only because of the great need. Whereupon Lord Zorgon told him that he was sailing to find the Principality of Vega, and that these weapons, as well as those still on his ship, where destined for this region.

Thus was it discovered that Sir Camillo was in truth in service to this great Prince and he extended his hand in welcome. The crippled ship was now almost underwater, and they all saluted as she went down. Sir Camillo invited them to sup with him that evening, then on the morrow they would set sail for Vega. Lord Zorgon agreed and so the friendship began. Over dinner it was revealed that the sister ship was actually owned by Captain Lady Lorna Doone, and the Fleet, known by the squadron name of Draconis, was under the direction of Commodore Lady Ca’Lalah of Rosemyrth, who was presently away on business elsewhere. Left: Capt. Lorna Doone and Pierre Laviseur {Charlene and Pete Woody}  

 And the most amazing fact revealed that night, to everyone's utter delight, was the names of the ships sailing under Sir Camillo, The Roaring Dragon, and the Emerald Dragon! What a coincidence! Here was Zorgon with his Golden Dragon, and the missing Azure Dragon, Flying Dragon and the Red Dragon. Much laughter and joviality passed between the two Crews that night.

In the morning, after having talked with his people, Lord Zorgon decided that they would join with this Crew for the while, and see what develops. Having said thus to Captain Lombardi, they set sail and made ready to follow them to Vega. Sir Camillo offered the use of a small Vessel upon reaching port with which Lord Zorgon might send word back home. And the new alliance headed for Port to spread the news. 
As they sailed, they listened to one of Lombardi’s men who had been left with Lord Zorgon, about the good Prince who ruled over this region with a strong hand, and they heard of the deeds he had performed in the name of Justice. The stories he told mentioned that the Prince was presently at war with the Kingdom of Galandor, and could use aid in this battle.

After docking, they put the cargo into secure warehouses, then made arrangements to send a ship home. A number of Lord Zorgon’s Crew, mostly those of the scuttled ship, expressed desire to return home, and were granted permission. But Lord Zorgon bade them rest a few days and paid them, and they could set sail for home three days hence.

From here it was an overland journey by horse, about a day and a half ride, to where the Prince was presently holding camp. As it was well past noon already, they rode but a short few hours before stopping at a wayside hostel. Over supper, the Innkeeper told Lord Zorgon and his followers that they were in The Region of Vega, ruled by Prince Eric of Stavanger, with the Princess Chimera at his side. Travelling onward, Zorgon vowed to befriend this benevolent ruler.

As the Prince was to be engaged for some days with matters of state, Lord Zorgon parted with the good Captain, who said on parting he would send word for an audience soon. Farewells were said, and Lord Zorgon set about finding quarters for him and his friends.

Good fortune befell him, as there was a large manor with much land, within sight of the Prince's castle, which was available. Zorgon made arrangements for the purchase, and wasted no time in setting up a Merchant house, dealing in his family's time honoured profession of gem merchants and jewellers, and hiring many of the local skilled craftsmen.  With the stores he had in the Port warehouses he would be set for quite some time. It was ten days before his audience with the Prince, and by that time his House was in order, the new House of Shalott of the Region of Vega!

When all was established, he and his Chancellor, along with four others of his household, The Lady Acadia, Connor MacLachlan of Stornoway, Bradley of Armagh and Carlos Du Toirac, went to the arranged audience with the Prince. Bowing before him, Lord Zorgon presented him with a gift, and a parchment swearing fealty to him, and to his House, the great Merchants of Cappella, of whom he had heard much since his stay in the Region of Vega. 

Thus came the House of Shalott to the Principality of Vega. 


Chapter Two
The Army de Mortis

© Flag of the County de Mortis, ECS

Once Lord Zorgon had established his household, he set about finding the best way to help the Principality of Vega with his resources. In aid of his quest, Sir Camillo introduced him to the Count that his Squadron served under, the Count Sir William Baine, head of one of the strongest Counties in the Principality. He was also General of the Army De Mortis, a powerful army of mercenaries who at present fought for the good of Vega.

It was in this army that the Squadron Draconis served. Lord Zorgon and the Count soon hit it off and the House of Shalott joined the Army De Mortis. It wasn't long before many new friendships developed from this union, and the members of Shalott all agreed that this was the best way to serve the Principality.

The Count himself was an interesting character to say the least. He was one of the main driving forces within the Principality and his story follows.
The ships from Lord Zorgon eventually were formed into a Squadron under the direction of the Army de Mortis, namely the Second Squadron Draconis, and served thus until the Fleet made ready to head for home.

Update; Due to recent political unrest within the Kingdom of Vega, the County de Mortis has disbanded and its members mostly moved into the Kingdom of Aragon within the Adrian Empire. The County Thrown was purchased and currently resides in the House of Shalott, though its emblem has been removed. The memory of this once great county shall be preserved here at the Isle of Standauffish.

Chapter Three
Count Sir William Baine

Sitting around a fire late one evening at an encampment, Lord Zorgon asked the Count his story of how he came to be in the service of the Prince, and this is what he told him; 

Persona History Pending

© Personal Device of Count Sir William Baine 

Update; Count Sir William Baine has left the ECS and  as of Jan 2001, he is currently with the Kingdom of Aragon in the Adrian Empire.

Chapter Four
Captain Sir Camillo di Lombardi

While on the subject of Histories,  Lord Zorgon had Sir Camillo relate his as well, to be chronicled by this Bard in this Epic Work, the History of the House Shalott, so all future visitors to this Realm may know what transpired in our days of Glory. 

So the tales were told around the blazing fire, with much ale and wine and joviality. 

Persona History Pending

Update; Sir Camillo and Lady Ca’Lalah have been members in all the Medieval Recreation Clubs in Las Vegas. They have participated with the House of Shalott and the Isle at many events, and now have formed a Duchy on the Isle, the City of Mediterraneus. Their Histories are included in Volume IV. As of Jan 2000 Sir Camillo and Lady Ca'Lalah have, along with William Baine, formed a new Kingdom, the Royal House of Lancaster. We wish them well on their new endeavour and hope they will continue to support the Isle at future engagements

© Personal Device of Duke Sir Camillo di Lombardi

Chapter Five
Baroness {Commodore} Dame 
Lady Ca’Lalah of Rosemyrth

The History of Commodore Ca’Lalah of Rosemyrth and the Squadron Draconis, as well as those of the members and crew of the two great ships sailing under the Lady Ca’Lalah of Rosemyrth, will shortly be  recorded in this work. {Photo Lady Ca’Lalah with Sir Camillo}

Persona History Pending

Sir Camillo and Lady Ca’Lalah have been members in all the Medieval Recreation Clubs in Las Vegas. They have participated with the House of Shalott and the Isle at many events, and now have formed a Duchy on the Isle, the City of Mediterraneus. Their Histories are included in Volume IV. As of Jan 2000 Sir Camillo and Lady Ca'Lalah have, along with William Baine, formed a new Kingdom, the Royal House of Lancaster. We wish them well on their new endeavour and hope they will continue to support the Isle at future engagements.

© Personal Device of Duchess Ca’Lalah of Rosemyrth

Chapter Six
The Kingdom of Vega

After months of struggles and many battles, the Prince and all those under, and with him, in his wars, finally came to a milestone in their Battles. For it came to pass that having acquired enough lands and supporters, the Principality now had the right under the laws of the Empire to which the Principality belonged, and had the wherewithal to form themselves into a Kingdom. So just days after the Ides of March, at a War and Tourney in jest for all the Fools in the Realm, the Prince was Crowned King of the new Kingdom of Vega with his consort at his side!

Long live King Eric of Stavanger!

A great feast was had by all the populace, and though the winds howled throughout the War, the festivities went on. Nothing, not even the weather, would deter the formation of this New Kingdom. The House of Shalott played an important role in the ceremonies as Lord Zorgon, his family long hence jewellers to the Crown, and Lady Acadia presented the new King and Queen with Crowns made for the occasion. Lady Acadia presented the Kingdom with a new Banner which she, as master seamstress, had created, along with Tabards for the new Kingdom's soldiers.

It needed now only a messenger to the Empire bearing the news of the formation of this great Kingdom. Many others have chronicled stories of the Empire itself so this bard will leave those tales to them. They can be found throughout the Kingdom. This news was sure to be met with trepidation by the rival Kingdom within the Empire, that of Galandor, but that too is another tale!

All was well now within the Kingdom, and so too, for the House of Shalott, for amongst all its other accomplishments, the House of Shalott had now gained sufficient wealth, power and recognition, that the King appointed Lord Zorgon the title of Baron, and the Lady Acadia that of Baroness, thus forming the new Barony of Shalott. There was much feasting and revelling that day

Chapter Seven
The Return of the Flying Dragon

One day word came to the Kingdom that one of Baron Zorgon’s missing ships had found its way to the Port outside of Vega. It was the Flying Dragon. The ship was intact with all its cargo, though misfortune had taken a few of the Crew members, having died from illness suffered from being at sea too long with no food and water.  It was pure good fortune that they came across a fishing vessel that led them to Port, otherwise it would have been very bad for the rest of them.

On board left alive were Lothar Dragonsbane, brother to the good Chancellor Alderon, their mother, Adrianna Dragonsbane, The Lady Casey DeVille, The Lady Delinia and the cabin boy Palin Merdin. The only other male Crew members to have made it were Jon Darkwolf, and Jon Blackhawk, two dark assassins from the Mongol tribes, who had sworn to protect the House of Shalott and its Baron for kindness shown them many years in the past.

Upon hearing the good news, Chancellor Alderon rushed to the Port to meet his family, long feared dead or missing. It was a joyful Reunion, and once the Crew had recovered fully, there was much feasting and merriment through out the ranks of the Squadron Draconis. They were welcomed warmly by Eric of Stavanger, newly crowned King of Vega, his Queen, and the populace.  It wasn't long before the new ship was refurbished and made a part of the fleet Draconis, as it was decided by all the surviving Crew, to stay in this new Kingdom for the time, and join Baron Zorgon in this new land.

Carlos du Toirac, being busy with other matters at the present time, gave the captaincy of this fine vessel to Alderon so he may be with his brother. The Chancellor graciously accepted, as his other duties were light in this new realm and he himself longed for some action. He trained and became qualified as a man at arms, and made his brother first mate, then set about recruiting a new Crew.

Lady Delinia joined her lover Bradley of Armagh on the flagship, the Golden Dragon, and that too was a most joyous reunion! The other ladies chose to remain in town for the moment, weary of the sea, though were still listed as active Crew of the Flying Dragon. Baron Zorgon made arrangements to send a ship back home with the news, and now his new House in Vega became much stronger, and House Shalott was fast becoming a name heard throughout the Kingdom.

Flying Dragon making ready to sail for home in the Port near the Kingdom of Vega {Painting info #2}

After a few months had passed, a ship had docked with yet more good news from home, and bearing a message. The other ships, the Red Dragon and the Azure Dragon had also survived, having had better luck, and had made it home with no loss of life. This was great news indeed and there was a feast of celebration.

The message stated that Chancellor Alderon Dragonsbane was needed back at the Chancery at the Castle of Shalott. There was important business to attend to, as well as Household business to conduct with those that Baron Zorgon had left behind to run the Castle. So preparations were made for the Flying Dragon to head for home. Farewells were said, and Alderon promised to return as soon as possible when the affairs of the House were concluded, and would bring back another ship as well laden with more goods for the restocking of the Vega branch of Shalott.

Chapter Eight
The Birth of Medieval Merchants

As Sir Camillo was a merchant as well, and skilled in the making of fine armour, and the Baroness, the Lady Acadia was a fine seamstress and tailor, Baron Zorgon and these two decided to create a combined Merchant Guild. To this end they set up a shop and called themselves Medieval Merchants, thereby combining many skills and trades under one roof, and with the fleet of ships at their disposal, they were able to bring wares from all over the known world to the Principality. Soon all the Faires in the land were familiar with the Medieval Merchants line of goods.

© 1995 Trademark of  Medieval Merchants

The Ship's companies prospered from this new joint venture, as did the Realm, for the goods bartered were the finest available, and the price most reasonable. The Squadron's coffers swelled with the wealth, and life was good for all those loyal to the Squadron.

Having gained much favour in the Realm of late, Sir Camillo and Baron Zorgon held offices in the Kingdom, further increasing their fame. Sir Camillo was appointed Minister of Arts for the Kingdom as well as the Empire, while Baron Zorgon took on the duties of the Royal Exchequer and Deputy Roles and Lists for the Kingdom.  Further he became Minister of the Roles and Lists for the Empire. The Lady Acadia, numbering farrier skills amongst her talents, was appointed Farrier to the Queen.

Chapter Nine
Shalott Heads for Home

The Fleet of Shalott heading home, accompanied out of Port  {Painting Info #3}

It has been a little over three years now since Baron Zorgon and the House of Shalott came to the Kingdom of Vega. The Thrown was secure now and King Eric of Stavanger was soon to abdicate in favour of another. Being weary of peace he sought more battles and did not wish to drag the Kingdom into useless wars just for his Glory.

So preparations were made to return home, leaving behind a Guild House for the business. Sir Camillo would handle affairs in Vega, while Baron Zorgon returned home. It was certainly time, for none had seen home since coming to this Realm and matters at home needed attending to as well. Many farewells were made over the next few months while preparations were underway.

Captain Carlos Du Toirac had left for France on urgent family business a few fortnights hence and word would have to be sent. Sir Bradley of Armagh petitioned to remain with Count Sir William Baine, and was granted permission, along with his wife Lady Delinia, to remain.  He was offered, and accepted, appointment to the Barony after Baron Zorgon left. Jon Darkwolf and Jon Blackhawk, the two Assassins, having fulfilled their obligations to the House of Shalott also remained with the Army De Mortis, though kept their loyalties to Shalott, offering their services in protection of the Guild under Sir Camillo.

When all was in readiness, final farewells were said and the Golden Dragon set sail for home. Sir Camillo promised to come visit Shalott as soon as he was able, and his new Flagship, the Royal Dragon, along with a few other ships, accompanied Baron Zorgon and the fleet out of Port.

Chapter Ten
Jon Darkwolf & Jon Blackhawk
The Assassins

Jon Darkwolf and Jon Blackhawk were two Assassins from the lands of the Mongols who had taken service in the Middle East. On one of his trips to Morocco, Lord Zorgon had performed a valuable service to the family that had these two dark warriors in their employ. In return, the two Mercenary assassins were given to Lord Zorgon to act as his personal bodyguards.

They proved to be very loyal to their new Lord, and were paid well for their Service, {which fact did well to ensure that loyalty, though it proved not to be necessary}. But it seemed prudent to ere on the side of caution with such as these. They were put under the direction of Captain Bradley of Armagh, as he had a close tie with the lands of their previous employ, and felt some affinity for them.

They served with the House of Shalott and Journeyed with Lord Zorgon and his fleet when they visited the Principality of Vega. Here they also were inducted into the Army De Mortis, under General William Baine. When it was time for Lord Zorgon to return home, these two, having found a home and many friends within the Mercenary army, petitioned Lord Zorgon to remain.

Having long since fulfilled any obligations to House Shalott, Lord Zorgon readily granted their petition, giving them a parting purse. They thanked him and swore to look after the local interests that House Shalott left behind in Vega, and joined forces under Captain Sir Bradley of Armagh as a new power within the Mercs.

© Personal Device of  Jon Darkwolf 
© Personal Device of Jon Blackhawk

Chapter Eleven
Sir Bradley of Armagh
and the Lady Delinia

Bradley of Armagh first came to Shalott during our time in the Realm of the Red Dragon, when he booked passage from the Emerald Isles. He sought adventure and fortune, and decided to sign on as Crew on the Azure Dragon. He proved a worthy Seaman and worked his way through the ranks in short order. His efforts came to the attention of Chancellor Alderon, and subsequently to Lord Zorgon himself.

Lord Zorgon came to like this loud Irishman and the two became friends.  Bradley was one of the first to be knighted into the newly formed Circle of Knights that had been created to bring peace to the Realm, and he endeavoured to be a controlling factor in quelling the unrest in the Realm of the Red Dragon, at which he excelled. 
While at Castle Shalott, he met the Lady Delinia, a gypsy Tarot card reader that had stayed in the village outside the castle for a time, and took her to wife. It was a strange union, but somehow the two seemed suited for each other.

When the Fleet left for Vega, Sir Bradley and Lady Delinia were on board. They joined with Lord Zorgon in the Army De Mortis, and became good friends with 
General William Baine. Sir Bradley was assigned as Captain of the Azure Dragon, the ship he had first served on, while it was in the Region of Vega. He was awarded a coat of arms under the Mercs for his service in Vega 

Captain Sir Bradley of Armagh left the company of Shalott when Baron Zorgon headed back for home, and along with the Lady Delinia, made a home in the new Kingdom of Vega, remaining with the Army De Mortis, in whose service he remains to this day. The two assassins, Jon Darkwolf and Jon Blackhawk stayed with him, as did a number of the other crew who also chose to remain behind and call Sir Bradley lord.

Update; March 1488. Captain Bradley and Lady Delinia have left the Kingdom of Vega and taken employ in the Kingdom of Aragon, in the Adrian Empire. Here he currently has the title of Baron.

© Personal Device of  Sir Bradley of Armagh
© Personal Device of the Lady Delinia
Note; These Devices are from their stay in the ECS, their current Heraldry

Chapter Twelve
Baron Sir Arthor de Powella

Formerly of County De Mortis, Kingdom of Vega, ECS
Currently with The Kingdom of Aragon, Adrian Empire

Persona History

Baron Sir Arthur de Powella was formerly of the ECS, with County de Mortis. Before he left he had taken over as Count from Sir William Baine. This was the group that the House of Shallot's Squadron served with. Currently a member of the Adrian Empire, Arthur participates with the Isle at some events as Nimble the Jester, his other persona. As Nimble, Arthur is a professional Court Jester who is for hire. {See Entertainers}

© Personal Device of  Baron Sir Arthur de Powella

Chapter Thirteen
Baron Sir Cirrus du ShadeauxMacheur

Formerly of County De Mortis, Kingdom of Vega, ECS
Currently with The Kingdom of Aragon, Adrian Empire

Persona History Pending

Baron Sir Cirrus du ShadeauxMacheur is currently with the Adrian Empire. He participates with the Isle at certain functions in his "alter ego" as a Court Jester. He has also been Herald at some of our feasts and most recently has added fire eater to his many talents. {See Entertainers}

 © Personal Device of  Baron Sir Cirrus du ShadeauxMacheur

Jarl Eric the Ravenhearted

Formerly Head of the House Longtail, Kingdom of Vega, ECS
Currently with the Kingdom of Aragon, Adrian Empire

Persona History Pending

Jarl Eric was a former member of the ECS and is currently with the Adrian Empire. He has carried his house, that of House Longtail, a Viking household, into the Adrian Empire. He participates with the Isle at some of our events in his persona of Viking Jarl, regaling  people with his Viking story telling and his authentic costumes.

© Personal Shield of Jarl Erik the Ravenhearted



The Paintings used on this page are details cut for the purpose of
Illustrating our History only. To view the original full size paintings see our Gallery in the Library

Marine with Dutch Shipping, 1635
Simon Jacobsz de Vlieger (Dutch 1600 - 1653)
Oil on canvas 30 3/4 x 44 in.
Image courtesy of:
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

A Frigate and other Shipping
William Anderson ( Scottish 1757 -1837)
Water colour 12 in x 16 in
signed and dated 1796 Private Collection

Frigate Yawl and other craft 
off Flatholm, English Channel
John Cleveley the Elder ( English c1712-1777)
Water colour 5 in x 7 1/2 in
Marine Water colours Gallery, London


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