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Calender  Historical Events for Wales, the House of Shalott and The Isle of Standauffish
The New Chronicles  Important events as they happen in our current living History
Volume I    The Beginning
Volume II   The Realm of the Red Dragon
Volume III  Sojourn to a Foreign Realm
Volume IV  The Isle of Standauffish, The Living History
Persona Histories
These are the Persona Histories of Members of the Isle of Standauffish as they are made available to us. Some members have only photos and their Heraldry so far.
Members Heraldry Records {see also College of Heraldry}
Guild Documents File Clerk's Office
Maps of the Isle Map Room
Map of the Realm of the Red Dragon and Location of Shalott
"Political" Maps created in the Building of the current Guild
Maps of the Isle and Area in our current History c.1490
The Trade Routes of the Fleets of the Isle
Member States Historical Maps
Historical Maps of Britain, Europe, & the Middle East c.1480


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