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As of January 1st 2001 the Isle of Standauffish, by consensus of all those with an interest in seeing us become a viable organization, has become a Nevada Non Profit Corporation. Our next step is to file for 501(c)3 Federal Tax status. The main focus of the Guild shall remain the same, namely Historical re-creation and Education, with the added option of having the ability to place people in paying positions in our field of interest through our production company, Blue Knight Productions Inc.

We have created Blue Knight Productions Inc., which will be the parent company that we will place all our other ventures under.With this move Medieval Merchants will be brought under the same company, thereby creating jobs for many in the field we love. To this end we have created Dreamweavers a musical company as well as a number of other interesting "chapters" or sub-companies each with its own specific field of interest. Watch our website for details of upcoming shows, events and projects.

Medieval Merchants will be a comprehensive online catalogue business with branches to other related realms such as Magic and Fantasy. Watch for it on these pages.

If you have any interest in participating in any of these ventures please contact us below.




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