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Belly Dancing Ya Shara, Shareem Details omar@standauffish.net
Weapons Making, Boffer, Shinai Practise Cesario, Santo Details rooksilverwolf@yahoo.com
Fencing Rich Rolfe Details zorgon@standauffish.net
Heraldry and Persona Worshop Baron Zorgon Details zorgon@standauffish.net
Middle Eastern/Etnic Drumming Dhabi, Ya Shara Details Omar@standauffish.net
Period Encampment Workshop Baron Zorgon Details zorgon@standauffish.net
Cantor Practise   Details  
Scottish Dance Classes Richard Brown Details dsgambati@aol.com




Omar Kharim's Belly Dance Guild

Flamingo Park Library - Clark County Library
Flamingo Road 1 Block East of Maryland Parkway   In the Jewel Box Theatre

Times Class Officially starts sharp at 6:30 and runs till 8:15 to 8:30
Drum Practice after to finsh off the evening

Bellydance Class Dates for 2004
Month Dates Special Activity
January 2005
February 2005
March 2005
April 2005
May 2004 4th and 18th
June 2004 1st & 15th Dragon's Faire
July 2004 6th and 20th
August 2004 3rd and 17th
September 2004 21st and 28th
October 2004 5th and 19st Renaissance Faire
November 2004 9th & 23rd
December 2004 To Be Announced Christmas Party

Classes are generally on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month unless otherwise announced due to library scheduling. Participation is free and open to all levels. Ya Shara el Perizad, our instructress, holds classes that are both fun and informal. She is assisted by Shareem Sar and at times Karima. Many of the more experienced dancers will also lend assistance. While spectators are allowed, we tend to discourage it to to space limitations as well as providing a non intimidating atmosphere where beginners can feel at ease. If you wish to see the dancers perform, come out and support our many events throughout the year.

Though we do use taped music, most of the class is done to live drums. At the end of each class we do a little drum practise session. You can stay and dance, and use the time to practise your finger cymbals. For those who do not have them, the guild will have them available for sale at each class for a very reasonable price.

Notice: Due to the nature of the Library scheduling, we do not have control over the dates. We are in the process of getting our own facility in the not so distant future. Until we get this  facility we are seeking another temporary venue. If anyone knows a place where we might find space that has a mirrored wall please contact us!


The Guild has an annual membership of $20.00 a year per person for those wishing to participate in other functions such as Renaissance Faires, Demos and such things as trips to Morocco. Membership is not compulsory to participate in the dance classes, however we need a firm membership base in order to continue to function and to be eligible for grants and donations. Applications and Information will be available at the classes or on our website. 
For more information visit our Membership Department and see how you can help out and to participate in our other activities.


Weapon Classes
Currently Available
Class or Workshoppe Teacher  Dates and  Times
Fencing, Italian Style  Rich Rolfe Every Second Sunday  1-3 PM
Shinai Practise Sam Cesario Every Second Sunday  1-3 PM
Sheild Making Ron Schmidt Once a Month TBA
Boffer Weapons Sam Cesario Once a Month TBA

Call us at 388-9616 to get the current schedule or just show up at the weekly Sunday get togethers at the Baron's House. We will post the detailed date list soon, but last fencing as of this writing was June 21st 2003, so it will be every other sunday from that date, and Shinai will take place on the alternate dates.

If support and interest warrant it these and weapons making classes will become monthly events. Included will be fletching, scabbard making, SCA combat weapons and rapier work as we progress. Competitions and public demos will be held to display your abilities, as well as ongoing events such as Renaissance Fair and reenactment battles provides by various local groups. 

Along with the sheild making workshoppes we will be having Heraldry and Person workshoppes for complete character development {see details}.

It is our goal to create a close knit and impressive fighting unit that can represent us at various other group functions.

We also have a rapier unit in the process of forming. The nasters are currently living in California but will be moving here in the future. The Sallet D'Arms will be set up and become a top notch Fencers Guild. Currently three of our members have already fought in SCA combat scenarios.



St Andrews Society of Southern Nevada

Flamingo Park Library - Clark County Library
Flamingo Road 1 Block East of Maryland Parkway
In the Jewel Box Theatre

Scottish Country Dance Classes
taught by Richard Brown

Class Dates
 Waiting for New Dates    

These classes have been offered to members of any of our groups so we may post them on our activities list. If you wish to attend please contact me so we may track participation.

Classes are free and held in the Jewel Box Theatre at the Clark County Library, at the corner of Escondido and East Flamingo, just east of Maryland Parkway. All levels of dance experience (or lack thereof) are welcome. Times vary depending on availability. Please check calendar for current days and times. 

Highland Dance Classes;  If you are interested in highland dance, we are forming a class in the near future. Contact below for further information. 

For More Information, contact:



Cantor Practise

Classes are free and details will be available shortly when we find out the current status of this class. Having a cantor of your own is a requirement. Classes are beginner from 5-6 pm intermediate 6-7 pm and expert 7-8 pm



Drum Workshops at Omar Kharim's House

We have available the services of Dhabi, a professional Drummer who will provide group lessons at a very reasonable rate of $10.00 per person. He is also available for private lessons. We will host the drum workshops, however these will be dependant on interest and participation. We have held them in the past and though a lot of interest was expressed attendance was poor so we were forced to discontinue them. The dates are on tuesday, same as the Bellydance classes but on the nights we are not at the Library, so most people should be free to attend.

The workshops will be held at Omar's House until further notice. We are working on getting permanent facilities in the future. Time 6:30 pm until we break up. This is open to drummers and those wishing to practice zils. Anyone wishing to come and dance for practice or just for fun is more than welcome to do so. We have a 20 X 30 foot tent and a stage in back by the pool.  For map see here!

In the meantime drum practise will continue to be held after each belly dance class at the Library.

Drum Workshop Dates
Check Dance Class Schedule




Heraldry and Persona Workshoppes
Period Encampment Workshoppes

Heraldry and Persona and Period Encampment workshoppes will be available every sunday for those interested. We are going to insist that all members create a persona, develop heraldry and work towards creating a period and efficient camp. Also the guild quipment is in constant need of repair and upgrading so we will include this maintenance in the work shoppes. In that way no one has to do all the work.




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