Upcoming Meetings and Workshops
Meetings and Workshops
Standauffish Weekly Meeting Guild Details Zorgon@standauffish.net
Blue Knight Productions Exec. Meeting Baron Zorgon Details Zorgon@standauffish.net
Meade and Ale Brewing Nikkita Details nikkita_heh@yahoo.com
Amp Guard Weekly Meetings Jeremy, Keith Details rooksilverwolf@yahoo.com
Isle of Standauffish Meetings

Weekly Every Sunday 12:00 to 4:00 PM 

Silver Bowl Archery Range

Starting November 1st. 2001 the Isle of Standauffish will be holding weekly meetings and get-togethers at the Silver Bowl archery range. Activities will include Archery Practise, Boffer Weapon Practise, Bardic and many other activities.  We will hold a short meeting every week at the site to keep members informed of upcoming activities and share information. Garb is encouraged as we are after all a re-creation guild, but not mandatory at this time. Though members should encourage others by being both in garb and persona as much as possible.

Once a month we will hold a formal court meeting at close of day and will have refreshments and food and take care of business such as awards and formal presentations.

NOTICE:  Weekly estates meetings will be held at Baron Zorgon's house at 5 pm on Sundays after the park to cover business details necessary for operating the Guild. These will be hosted under Blue Knight Productions Inc. and may cover any of the business matters for the whole organization.   These meetings will have full agendas prepared in advance and are for directors and household leaders only, but may include those called upon that have pertinent business. Contact Baron Zorgon at Zorgon@standauffish.net

Attendance for these meetings will be designated to those with "Business of the Day".  As our organization grows it becomes necessary to deal with many matters one on one  to get the job done and as those who know the full scope of our plans can attest to this will be necessary. Contact Jeremy at rooksilverwolf@yahoo.com

For map to the Silver Bowl Range  see here!

NOTICE  2:  For those of you participating with Amp Guard, your meetings are combined at Silver Bowl Range with those of the Isle of Standauffish. This is to encourage both more participation and sharing of interests, but mostly because its easier to organize as directors and organizers are members of both.

The Guild has an annual membership of $20.00 a year for those wishing to participate in other functions such as Renaissance Faires, Demos and such things as trips to Morocco. Membership is not compulsory to participate in the dance classes. Applications and Information will be available at the classes or on our website. 
For more information visit Membership Department

Meade and Ale Brewing Workshops

Bi- Monthly Saturday Afternoon

Nikkita will be hosting Meade and other beverage brewing workshops at his house twice a month on Saturday afternoons. Dates and time will be available shortly.

Contact Nikkita at nikkita_heh@yahoo.com for more information



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