Isle of Standauffish

Baron Sir Zorgon of Shalott
Viceroy of the Isle Standauffish
Baroness Acadia of Ballater
Consort of the Viceroy

Coat of Arms of the Isle of Standauffish

The Device of the Isle of Standauffish

The colors of the device of the Isle of Standauffish have dual meaning. First, they are the combined colors of the Baron {blue and gold} and Baroness {green and gold} of the House of Shalott, the Founders of the Guild. The green was taken to represent the ground, the blue the sky.

In Heraldry the oak tree represents a firm foundation, while the fruits, or acorns, represent fertility, thus portraying our Isle as having a solid base, with the ability to grow. 

The gorged Pegasus, with its broken chain represents the spirit of those escaping the strife of other realms, flying free to the Isle where they can find a new home to play the game as it was meant, for fun and education. It is thus that the free flying Pegasus has become our mascot.

The Crown represents the Crown of England in the person of Henry VII, the current sovereign under whose rule we exist, with the ever present Wyvern as our protector. The Knight with red plume represents our Isle's order of Knighthood, the Order of the Red Dragon.

The Deer and  Pegasus supporters again represent the land and the air. The very choice of the Isle as a home was because an island represents something separate but still a part of the whole, which suits us well.

The choice of  a Viceroy as head of the Isle gives us the freedom of not having to consult the King on all matters of state, and all other groups on our Isle are set up as Free City States, with allegiance to the Viceroy in trade for land grants on the Isle.

The Tartan you see on this page was developed by members as our own Tartan as we have a large number of members and associates of Scottish decent. We are in the process of registering it officially

And  finally the motto, Unicum in Diversicum {Unity in Diversity}, representing all our various Free City States each doing their own thing, but all working together for the common good.

This is the Isle of Standauffish!

Important Notice Regarding Our Heraldry

The Personal Devices {Shields} and Coats of Arms found in our History and Members areas are copyrighted and belong either to the Guild, the individual member, or the Historical personage mentioned. 

The Historical ones are matter of public record.  However the  Guild or  Member devices are individual emblems, many already registered with various College's of Heraldry in  various o rganizations.  As these devices  identify the individual's or group's Persona or Organization, permission for use or reproduction of these devices cannot, and will not, be given by us. All rights to these devices shall remain with the Guild and its Members.

If you wish help with creating your own device we have an area in our College of Heraldry that will cover that topic, and we can point you in the right direction. Some limited help may be available from some members, but this service is predominately for members only due to time factors.

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