Membership Roster
for the Isle of Standauffish
By City State, In Order of Precedence

Links below will take you to the individual Free City State or to each member's profile with photo, persona history, heraldry and information. This file is updated as new members submit their info so expect some blank spaces

The Port of Shalott - The Capitol
House of Shalott

The Abbey at Chelsea
Franciscan Monastery - SCA based

Formerly The Dancers of the Blue Moon
Moroccan Theme Dance Troupe

Omar Kharim's Oasis
Moroccan Re-creation

The House of Black Arrow
Black Dragon Squadron
Assigned to the Red Dragon of Shalott

The Order of the Black Rose
Celtic Monastery

The Mysts of Avalon
Faerie Kingdom

Army Draconis
Mercenary Army Loyal to the Isle

Cheval Blanc
Equestrian Guild

The Dragon's Claw Inn
Cooking and Brewing Guild

Sallet D'Arms
Fencers and Rapier Guild

Order of the Silver Arrow
Archery Guild

Odus the Red's Woodworking Guild
Woodworkers Guild

Associate and Past Members

The Rogue's Cove Pirates
Flagship Neptune's Fury
Pirates of the Rogue's Cove Maritime Society

The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet
Mercenary Warriors Guild

The City of Mediterraneus
Italian Renaissance Guild

Werehaven Keep
Mercenary Troupe


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