The Mundane Origin of the Name
The Isle of Standauffish

The opinions on this page are those of the founders and they do not necessarily reflect those of individual members of our Guild.

This page was designed to inform locals as to our origin's but others may find it interesting as well, so it was decided to make it available for public record. Though it is the express desire of our Guild not to get involved with political matters, it is at times unavoidable and it needs some mention so those of our local clubs who have asked may understand our purpose.

Originally our Guild had its start as the House of Shalott within the ECS. Though we still have ties and friends within that group through our current members, the direction the club was going in was not what our members wished to see happen, so we moved our group into the local Barony of the SCA, that of Starkhafn.

The Adrian Empire, {the local chapter}, had not yet formed, so was not an option at the time. Many others who had left the ECS for similar political reasons moved to form the now Kingdom of Aragon, Adrian Empire. Currently we are considering more active participation with this group for the future.

When we joined with the SCA local group, we met Captain Aramis, of the Rogue's Cove pirates. As we were both nautical groups, his pirates and our merchant marine fleet, we joined with him to form a nautical Guild within the Barony. Regular meetings were held at a local nautical theme pub, the Crown and Anchor. To keep this short and simple, we were generally not made to feel welcome. Perhaps it was because we had no fighters within our groups, rather just those interested in historical re-creation, I know not.

Upon setting up our rather large and period encampment at a local event, we set up with a perimeter fence and gates, the two ports side by side but separate; Rogue's Cove on one side; Port of Shalott on the other. It was this setup, separate groups but having a common theme that formed the seeds upon which we later based the Isle. Having only a large Estrella war as guideline at this point, as well as our Renaissance Faire experience, we did not realize we had a "problem".

It was not until an estate meeting after the event that I found there was one. The Baron had, in low tones, mentioned to the seneschal, who then mentioned to me after the meeting, that while we had a nice camp, we might be a little less stand-offish in the future, and not put a barricade between us and the rest of the barony. Well no such "barricade" was either implied or intended, we merely understood this is the way one sets up camp, judging from the war we had attended, and it was simply our decor in keeping with our theme, namely a dock as entry, etc.

It was a minor incident, and would have slipped by, save that others overheard the remark. These kind souls took offence that newcomers were treated thus. We took no offence ourselves, but after all the fuss, decided it was an amusing name. So at the next Ren faire we became the Shire of Standauffish.

As "shire" is an official SCA division, and "county" is so with the ECS and Adrian Empire, we sought a name that would not step on any toes as we intended to play with these various clubs. So another SCA Baron over coffee one day suggested Isle. No one used that officially and he though it suited us most well as we were separated and between the other clubs, but still part of the main, just as an island is.

This was received unanimously, and has since become our credo. An Island haven where those who are tired of politics may come and play the game. There has, in the local area, been way to much infighting in the various groups, as many members of our group can attest to. Sometimes downright vicious and personal. And this coming from groups espousing Honour and Chivalry? These "incidents" are mostly from a handful of people, but it seems that things have a way of getting blown out of proportion and then people choose sides, which just makes things worse.

We too are not perfect, as in growth one always finds those wishing to ruin a good thing, or trying to take over, though we try to select  members from those who are creators not complainers.

To end on a positive note, this editorial is the only mention that you will find on our website of such issues, and has been placed here for those who requested to know. It is the policy of the Isle of Standauffish to promote all other groups equally and without prejudice or malice, as they all have different things to offer. Many of the members of the Isle are still members of one or more of these other groups.

Joining with us does not mean relinquishing ties to other groups, it merely provides another outlet for those who love the game.

Our emblem has been created to reflect these ideals, that text can be read here.

Oh and the spelling of Standauffish? Ah that's a play on words, as any of German decent will giggle at for it means "upstanding"

Live the Dream
Baron Sir Zorgon of Shalott
Viceroy of the Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild Inc.