This is the Membership Area
Here you will find all the info you need regarding membership 
to our various realms, though some areas are available 
only to our members and board of directors

Documents on this page are in Adobe Acrobat Format
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UPDATE 2017:
The Membership Area has not been updated since the Guild closed after the deaths of three key members back in 2004. For the new activity we will create a new page of current events and leave this section here for historical reference only.  This will also serve as a database for old forms that we may need again.

Public Access Information
Public Information Basic Information About Our Guild
Newsletters  Monthly Information for Members
Upcoming and Current Events
Member Roster  With Photos, Heraldry and Persona Info

Public Access Documents
Membership Form
Omar Kharim Membership Attachment
Freehold Membership Form

Guild Documents
See Also File Clerk's Office for More Documents
Deed and Title
By-Laws of the Guild Coming Soon
Corpora Coming Soon
Rights and Privileges
Terms of Membership
Addendum A
Addendum B
Addendum C
Addendum D Coming Soon

Member Access Forms
See Also File Clerk's Office for More Documents
Member Profile Sheet
Liability Waiver Form
Liability Waiver Sign-in
Medical Information Form
Volunteer Hour Report Form
Persona Development Worksheet
Heraldry Submission Form
Knight's Handbook Coming Soon
Etiquette Handbook Coming Soon
Awards Gallery and Honorary Decrees

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