Ron Schmidt 

president and CEO of Drathmar Corporation
and The Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild

Ron has worked as a contractor for over 20 years in Toronto, Canada during which time he gained valuable experience in the fields of carpentry, electrical wiring, security systems, closed circuit TV and welding. He completed a course in Business Management, as well as several training programs such as welding and carpentry.

He formed a partnership in The Alarm Company, a successful Security System installation company in Toronto, Canada from 1980-1993. This company did sub-contract work for many of the major local companies such as ADT and Honeywell as well as maintains service contracts and monitoring services. The company was sold to his partner when Ron and his family immigrated to the United States.

He again formed a sub-contract business in Salt Lake City from 1993-1996, before relocating to Las Vegas, Nv. Adding to his skills in his field he took the Nevada State Fire Marshal's exam and became a fire inspector for the state of Nevada. Currently he has entered the field of Convention setup and display to further add to his knowledge base.

Having learned the gem cutting and jewellery making trade, first as a hobby, then later becoming proficient, Ron opened and operated a jewellery store in Canada in his spare time. The store was co-managed by his wife. Here in the US he formed a new company, Medieval Merchants, which is now a division of Blue Knight Productions, which in turn is now part of Drathmar Corporation

While in Canada, he was a sailing instructor for the Seahawk's Boy's Sailing Club on weekends. Since moving to the states he has created a non-profit historical education and re-creation Guild, the Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild. The Guild has already done many community service projects for organizations like Opportunity Village and Clark County Parks.


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