Coat of Arms of the 
Isle of Standauffish

The Device of the Viceroy of the Isle of Standauffish

The colors of the device of the Viceroy of the Isle of Standauffish have dual meaning. First, they are the combined colors of the Baron {blue and gold} and Baroness {green and gold} of the House of Shalott, the founding household. The green was taken to represent the ground, the blue the sky.

In Heraldry the oak tree represents a firm foundation, while the fruits, or acorns, represent fertility, thus portraying our Isle as having a solid base, with the ability to

The gorged Pegasus, with its broken chain represents the spirit of those escaping the strife of other realms, flying free to the Isle where they can find a new home to play the game as it was meant, for fun and education. It is thus that the free flying Pegasus has become our mascot.

The Crown represents the Crown of England in the person of Henry VII, the current sovereign under whose rule we exist, with the ever present Wyvern as our protector. The Knight with red plume represents our Isle's order of Knighthood, the Order of the Red Dragon.

The Deer and  Pegasus supporters again represent the land and the air. The very choice of the Isle as a home was because an island represents something separate but still a part of the whole, which suits us well.

The choice of  a Viceroy as head of the Isle gives us the freedom of not having to consult the King on all matters of state, and all other groups on our Isle are set up as Free City States, with allegiance to the Viceroy in trade for land grants on the Isle.

And  finally the motto, Unicum in Diversicum {Unity in Diversity}, representing all our various Free City States each doing their own thing, but all working together for the common good.

This is the Isle of Standauffish!

Brief History of the 
Isle of Standauffish 

Important Notice; To save on labor in updating our site this document will remain as it is, a preliminary intro representing the beginnings of the Guild. The nature of our Guild is such that changes are constant as new people and groups join and leave. For current info and status please go to our regular sections for the relevant facts

The Isle of Standauffish is a Renaissance Re-creation Guild made up of many separate and distinct groups. We live our personas {characters} as much as, and whenever, possible in this mundane world. Members of our Guild are or have been players in other re-creation clubs, but serious newcomers are accepted. Please download our membership flyer from our members area in the library for details on joining. To find out how you can help the Guild see our donations and volunteer page

The Founders
Baron Sir Zorgon of Shalott
Baroness Acadia of Ballater

We have created a working, living history for the group based on events in Wales, England and the Knowne World at the end of the 15th century. Though personas {characters} are not limited to an exact time line, the general focus of the Guild is early Tudor History, specifically the years between 1450-1550 AD.  So expect not to find perfect consistency within our borders, you will be doomed to failure. Our Guild currently consists mostly of Artisans and Bards, with some fencers and an occasional choreographed sword fighting demo and those players just wishing to enjoy living their personas.

Our political structure is simple. We are set up as a Monarchy, with King Henry VII as our King, followed by Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales. The Isle, deeded to House Shalott by a land grant from Henry VII, is run by a Viceroy {governor}, who, by appointment of the King, has complete authority to oversee the affairs of the Island as he sees fit. Second in command is Chancellor. These two make all the decisions on the overall direction of the Guild.

Below that are the separate groups, set up as Free City States or Guilds. The Free City States are set up as Ports of Call on the Isle, which also allows future expansion to other areas as Foreign Ports of Call. They set up their own command and game structure within their borders. Save for any Royal positions, they may set up anyway they wish, having autonomy over their respective areas within the confines of a few overall rules to keep the theme of the Isle intact.  The Guilds are sub groups on the Isle with specific themes, like Belly Dancing, Theatrical, Woodworking, or Equestrian.  The heads of these states and guilds make up a Council of advisors that are consulted on matters of import to the whole Guild, such as a new group wishing to join. Details are available in our membership packets.

The Isle of Standauffish, in our history, is an Island situated just off the coast of Wales in Carmarthen Bay. We even found an actual place in real History where we could have been based on our theme. We have an extensive Persona history for the Isle and its denizens, which can be seen on our website.

Mundanely we are set up as a private non-profit Nevada corporation. One of the states, the Rogue's Cove Pirates, has established their own non-profit status. Though we are fairly new as a group, having formed officially in October 1997, all of our players come with years of experience in the medieval re-creation fields. We have many skilled Artisans and Bards with us. In the mundane trades we include carpenters, welders, stagehands, costumers, hat makers and leather workers to name a few.  Most of our encampment and our garb are made by our own people; taking care to be as period as is practical, while striving to present a true Historical outlook.

We take part in Renaissance Faires, attend many of the major “Wars” {private camping events for living the dream, including full armour fighting} of the other clubs, and donating our time, talents and equipment to events such as Opportunity Village's “Camelot at the Magical Forest” fund raising Gala. Through the various sub guilds we provide education both to youths and adults in many of the arts related to Medieval History. Details can be found at our website, or you can obtain our larger booklet.

Though we are always looking to grow and expand our horizons, we do have stringent membership requirements. We seek those who can dedicate themselves to playing the game and make us all look professional; those that truly have an interest in the History and wish to share that knowledge with others, and particularly those that stick by us when the dirty work needs to be done. Membership is by invitation through one of the Free City States with a trial period upon acceptance, and maintained by active participation. Our membership packet will give you all the necessary info. If you are interested in our group, and feel you have something to offer, by all means contact us.

We are also available to attend special functions, and welcome any such offer. As we are not professional entertainers as a whole, though many in our group in fact are, we naturally have limitations. But if decorum is needed, we have realistic looking props and pavilions, and authentic costumes, and many very talented amateurs who enjoy the opportunity to perform. We do not have any official fees for participation at this time, but would gladly accept remuneration {or donation} to help offset our operating expenses.

One of our sub guilds is Omar Kharim's Guild of Dance, a guild dedicated to the arts of belly dancing, so we have dancers and drummers to add atmosphere. They have bimonthly meetings at one of the local libraries in Las Vegas. While these are free, they nevertheless must limit participation due to available space.

A number of our Guild members are Merchants as well. Medieval Merchants is the parent company of the founders of the Isle, but we have Treasures of the Seven Seas within our Pirate Guild; Stychen Tyme is a garb shoppe run by a lady with 35 years experience in the Las Vegas show costuming departments; quality Armour by Duke Camillo di Lombardi; the Hat Matters, run by our indomitable Monk, the Lord Abbot of the Monastery at Chelsea; Tymeless Traditions, another fine garb shoppe run by the Baroness Acadia of Ballater. Add to this blacksmiths, woodworkers, jewellers, and tent makers and you can see what we have to offer. And we must not forget all our various dancers, musicians and performers. This is but a few of our talents, but more than enough to show what we are all about. Many of these skilled merchants offer their services as instructors in our various classes.

The Isle formed out of a desire to have a place to practice the Medieval Re-creation activities that have become popular in the last few years. Many of the other local clubs tend to concentrate mostly on the fighting aspect, leaving the arts as a secondary activity. Add to that political unrest, a number of our members found that there was too much turmoil for them to enjoy themselves. Our very name came from one such incidence, but that is another story, and can be found in our history.

So a number of us formed our own little group, and soon found that our activities attracted like minded players looking for a place to call home. We are still in the growth process, having officially formed in October 1997, but have come a long way already. Our website at will give more detail on all our various activities.

The Free City States
{in Order of Precedence}

The Port of Shalott
{The Capitol}

The Port of Shalott is the Capitol of the Isle of Standauffish. It is the home of the founders of the group. Located on the north west corner of the island, it is a major free port, with warehouses, shoppes, guild houses, embassies, taverns, theatres and is home to many of the denizens of Isle. The major theme from a period perspective is that of a wealthy merchant town, complete with shoppes and performers of all types. Ships from the Knowne World dock here bringing all the riches that were available at the time, which by the late 1400’s was very extensive.

Thus all our players have the opportunity to have the fanciest garb and trappings available for the time period. The Fleets of Baron Zorgon and those of Omar Kharim make their home here. The "Minstrel's Court" stage is in Shalott, where performers of all type put on their shows for the pleasure of all. All sorts of Merchants have their shoppe here, even though they may also have their own "Port of Call" like the "Hat Matters" fine hand made period hats, from our Monastery. "Armour by Sir Camillo", from Mediterraneus. "Treasures of the Seven Seas", from the Rogue's Cove Pirates.

The Rogue's Cove Pirates
{The Rogue's Cove Maritime Society Inc.}

The Rogue's Cove Pirates are a non-profit Historical Education Theatrical Group focusing on Maritime practices of Western Europe, The Mediterranean and the Caribbean during the 15th through the 19th centuries. While most of their activities are actually later period than what is considered Medieval or Renaissance, when with us at fairs and wars they use their earlier 15th century Personas, which fits in very well with our basic History.

Though never official members of the Isle, they were one of the two founding household when the concept was created. They have their own Charter and participate with us at many events and we hope that they will continue to do so.

And they make a fine addition to our group with their most excellent, award winning costumes and their playing of their personas. They were the first group to join with us under a common theme, which was the root of what is now the Isle. Run by Captain Aramis Donegan McCleary and his first mate Donavan Long, they attend many Pirate functions as well as the joint events with our group. Also they teach skills such as knot tying and rope work, and other nautical theme topics.

The Guild runs a fine Mead and imported Cigar Concession at some Faires as well as having their other wares which are marketed through Treasures of the Seven Seas. If swashbuckling is your forte than by all means contact the Captain for more information.

Captain Aramis Donegan McCleary
First Mate Donavan Long, w/ Lady Jessica

The Abbey at Chelsea
{The Monastery

The Abbey at Chelsea, run by the Lord Abbot Thërn du Claravouix, is a most interesting place. Although there is little physical presence of the actual Monastery at this point, being under construction for fall 2000, it none the less plays a major role on the Isle. The order provides the spiritual guidance of the Isle, performing such functions as weddings. Though basically a Catholic Franciscan Monastery within the SCA, performing a Norse wedding is still well within their repertoire.

The order keeps bees for honey, grows their own wheat for baking most excellent bread, which has graced the tables of many of our feasts. They run the University of the Isle. They are in charge of the orphanage, caring for those poor unfortunates that the Pirates leave behind. They are scribes, excelling at calligraphy and illumination. 
Members of the order have many skills in the mundane world that fit most well with our medieval theme, though while not really part of the Monastery as such, never the less most valuable indeed.  Wood working and carving as one, millinery work by the Abbot himself, creating hats of distinction for discriminating Lords and Ladies, and professional costuming with years of experience in the Las Vegas show costume departments.

Lord Abbot Thërn du Claravouix at a Hand Fasting

The Dancers of the Blue Moon
{Belly Dance Troupe}

The Dancers of the Blue Moon are a small troupe of dancers that do performances for fun at such events as the Faires and club Wars.  Ya Shara Perizad El Shazadee, who runs the troupe, along with Shareem Sar, provide the instruction at Omar Kharim's Guild. Though they are officially only associate members of the Isle at present, they and their troupe are valued participants at many Isle of Standauffish functions.

Currently the Troupe has gone through some changes and now goes by the name KY-SAR-S, but continue to play a major role within the Isle.

The Dancers at Las Vegas Ren Faire 1995

City of Mediterraneus
{Italian Renaissance}

The City of Mediterraneus, an Italian Renaissance Guild under the direction of Sir Camillo di Lombardi and Dame Ca'lalah as Duke and Duchess.  In their camp you will find a traditional Italian Festival setting complete with wine press and grape arbour, in and among ancient Roman ruins.  The Duchess' Love for equestrian arts has them involved it jousting demos and equestrian events, and the formation of a new jousting guild for those with interest is in the works. Sir Camillo, an artisan in armour construction, enjoys replicating medieval and Renaissance armour as well as teaching the art and history to others. 

Currently they have reformed themselves into the Duchy of Lancaster. Watch our website for more news about these activities.

Sir Camillo di Lombardi  and Lady Dame Ca’Lalah of Rosemyrth

The House of Black Arrow
{Mercenary Archers}

This is the latest household to Join our Guild. Run by Captain Duncan MacPherson, a Scottish Lord, he brings much needed archery skills to the Guild. His household is currently working on creating an Archery Guild on the Isle. Target archery and SCA combat archery will be the main focus of this group, with plans in the near future to have a viable troop of combat archers to field at an SCA war.

The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet
{Mercenary Group} 

The Brotherhood is run by John O'Daly. They are a group of Mercenaries who had been a part of the Isle and are included here for honourable mention for their valuable contribution to building of the Isle during the brief time they were with us.

Camaraderie and friendship, drinking and feasting are their main activities. Leather craft, woodworking and metal work number amongst their talents, and they have at least one regimental drummer. 

The Brotherhood has currently chosen a different path and they are no longer with the Isle, though some of their members continue to participate in some of the Guild's other activities. We wish them well in their search for a home in the Knowne World. 

John O'Daly and Michele O'Daly
Bjarki the Black

The Guilds

Omar Kharim's Oasis
{Belly Dance Guild}

Omar's Guild was originally planned to be formed under the SCA, but that proved not to be feasible. It was then formed separately under the Isle, though it is open to participation from all. Currently they hold meetings at a local public library for free dance lessons, which are intended for fun, and participate at various Club Wars and Renaissance Faires. They are not set up as a professional dance studio, but rather an informal twice monthly place where those who know the dance can go and just have fun, while beginners can get a good working knowledge of the art form.

The original purpose of the Guild was to look for interested dancers and musicians to participate at such events as SCA Wars, Renaissance Faires, and represent the Isle at various local community functions such as Opportunity Village charity fund raisers. Add to that dinners at a local Moroccan restaurant like Mamounia’s and occasional private parties in garb, there are a lot of things to do within this Guild. 

Omar Kharim Ali Allah Akbar, Guild Master 
with Shareem, Zarah and Karima

Odus the Red's Woodwork Guild
{Woodworking Guild}

This Guild is run by Odus the Red, a man with many years experience in fine woodwork. He has currently applied his skills to creating beautiful period pieces as well as functional period furniture, many examples of which can be found on the Isle, especially the benches in our feast hall. His Guild, also formed within the SCA originally, maintains an "office" or chapter, on the Isle. Meetings are currently once a month at his home.

The Guild is currently in the formative stages, and its agenda in the near future will be based mostly on interest of the members.

Cheval Blanc Equestrian Guild
{Equestrian Guild}

This Guild is currently in the formation process, but we do have our first horse! Interest in the Guild has come from California and talks are in progress as to what directions to take. More info will be forthcoming as the formation of this group takes shape.

Port of Shalott's
{Theatrical Guild}

This Guild is another project that has been undertaken by the Isle. Due to requests from many sources, as well as much interest and promised support for such an activity we decided to start one. The main focus of this Guild will be on youths who wish to learn and practice the theatrical arts, as well as such related skills as costume making.

Work on this Guild is currently in the planning stages, though some activities have already taken place, such as performances at Ren Faire here in Las Vegas.

More details will be available in the near future.

The Workshops and Classes

As part of our educational activities we hold periodic workshops in various Medieval History related fields. Some of these are naturally through the various sub guilds which have ongoing instructions in their particular themes, but separate classes in such things as sewing, heraldry, armour making, archery and fencing are currently being offered. Some programs are shared from the other groups we associate with {see below} scottish dance classes sponsored by the St Andrews Society and free to all, and sword fighting which is solely run by the Adrian Empire but available to our members. The purpose of these classes is to teach the history of these fields with a hands on approach. Contact us for schedules on these classes.

If there is enough interest in these activities they may become separate guilds on the Isle in themselves, or if there is someone out there who wishes to take on the running of a Guild in any of these or other related topics, by all means please contact us.

Below you will find a list of those organizations that currently offer classes for the year 2001 that are available to our membership for free.

The Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild Inc.
Costume Making & Sewing, Armour Making, Heraldry, Fencing, Period Gem Cutting, Belly Dance Classes, Theatrical, Woodworking
The Saint Andrews Society of Southern Nevada
Scottish Country Dancing
The Kingdom of Aragon, Adrian Empire
Sword Fighting
Bagpipe Lessons -Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

See our Bulletin Board for Dates and Times
and updated schedules. Click on the Rose.

This ends the brief tour of the Isle. {Well as brief as possible and still get it all in}. If you find any field that interests you, and you have a serious desire to be an active participant, then continue on through our site to the appropriate areas where you will find more detailed info and how to get involved.

This is the Isle of Standauffish 
Renaissance Guild

Live the Dream!

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