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Tour the Various Free City States
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The Isle of Standauffish is an on going living History. There are many areas to visit, many separate City States that make up the Guild, as well as other areas in the Capitol. Grab a drink, get a comfortable chair, and spend some time with us.

History of the Isle of Standauffish

This is Volume VI of our History, the chapters that deal with the current Isle and its ongoing story 

Picture Galleries

This will take you to our photo galleries in the Library, with event photos, member profiles and various artwork of interest to our membership and our guests

The Island's Free City States
The Port of Shalott
The Abbey of Chelsea
The House of Black Arrow
The Mysts of Avalon
Associate Member - Ky-Sar-S
Prospective - Clan Na Faol
Past Member - The Rogue's Cove
Past Member - The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet
Past Member - The City of Mediterraneus
Past Member - The Werehaven Keep
The Port of Shalott
 The Guilds
Omar Kharim's Guild of Bellydance
Dragon's Claw Tavern Culinary Guild
Odus the Red's Woodworking Guild & Shoppe
Dream Weavers Thespian Guild
Cheval Blanc Equestrian Guild
The Port of Shalott
 The Orders
The Order of the Red Dragon
The Order of the Black Rose
The Order of the Silver Arrow
The Port of Shalott
 The Freelancers
The Freelancers
The Entertainers
The Honorary Members
The Port of Shalott
The Embassies
Adrian Empire
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

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