Scottish Mercenaries circa 1500 A.D.
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Clan Castle of Captain Duncan MacPherson

History of the the House of Black Arrow
An Isle of Standauffish Affiliated Group

The House of Black Arrow, as their name implies, is a House devoted to the skills of Archery. The head of the Household is Lord Duncan MacPherson, of the Clan MacPherson, along with his wife Mary MacPherson.  It was originally created under the then Prince Eric Stavanger, Prince of Vega, ECS. While in service to the Count Sir William Baine in the Army de Mortis, Captain Duncan first met Lord Zorgon. With a small crew of Mercenary archers aboard an old ship that had seen better days, he joined with Baron Zorgon in forming the Second Squadron Draconis.

The ship, christened “The Broken Arrow” by her crew due to her condition, was part of the navy of the principality. Had it not been for the fleet made up of Sir Camillo’s vessels and those of the House of Shalott, the Principality would have had little to show on the sea.

When Zorgon and his followers left Vega to head for home, Lord Duncan MacPherson petitioned the House of Shalott to be allowed to accompany them back to Wales. As a number of his own Household members had chosen to stay behind in the newly created Kingdom, Zorgon accepted his offer.

Leaving his old ship behind, Duncan and two of his crew, along with his wife Mary MacPherson, took passage aboard the Golden Dragon. Once they returned back to Shalott, Baron Zorgon commissioned Lord Duncan to the captaincy of one of his ships, the Red Dragon.

Captain Duncan MacPherson, at the helm of the Red Dragon, was with the Fleet that brought Henry Tudor to England, and his small party of Archers proved to be a valuable asset in the battles that ensued.

After the war was over, the House of Black Arrow turned their talents to the Tournament fields and is helping to build an Archery Guild within the Port of Shalott. Though it may seem unusual to find a Scotsman in England at this time, Captain Duncan MacPherson has proven his loyalty and his worth to the House of Shalott, to Wales, and to King Henry VII many times, and stands without question as one of the Isle's most stalwart supporters.


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