Celtic Monastic Order circa 600 A.D.
An Isle of Standauffish Affiliated Group

"To improve ourselves and our world for the greater good of all"

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Guild Master  Chancellor Gideon Culain
Herbalist   Lady Isabella Culain

Chancellor Gideon Culain is the Chancellor of the Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild Inc. as well as well as guild master of the Order of the Black Rose. The image above appears phased due to the proximity of a very large Mystical Portal

Santos Cesario      Priest for the Order

One of the functions performed by the Order of The Black Rose both within the Isle and private individuals outside our realm is hand fasting ceremonies. Several of the members of the Order or properly ordained Pagan Priests

Recent Hand Fastings Within the Isle of Standauffish
Jeremy and Melissa Julian October 2001
Andy and Melinda Manley April 2002
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