Eryn Lothluin

Greetings all ye weary Travellers.  You have  strayed off the main road it seems and stumbled upon my home.

My name is Tánia-Galia and these are my woods. Take care for these trees are fraught with dangers and mysteries for the unwary traveler.

I am a Forgotten Princess, yet here, in this Magical Forest, I appear out of the Mysts of Time and of Legend, to reign once again.

Eryn Lothluin is the name of my woods. In your language it would be "Forest of Blue Flowers"

My home is at a crossroad of time and space, a place of awakening, of dreams,  a place to be merry, or to be sad, a place to think.
Enter now if you dare. If your Heart and Soul be

pure you shall see many Wonders here. If not I  wish you good fortune and fast legs.

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