My Faerie Princess 
by Zorgon of Shalott

Back through the Mysts of Avalon my thoughts do fly
Back to a Land where Time never passes by
Back where the Myths and the Legends of old
Grip the Imagination and take firm hold

Across the Lake where once Mighty Arthur did his best
To the Fields of Flowers where my Heart still doth rest
There to my delight I find to this very day
My beautiful Faerie Princess still at play

White as the snow is her brow, her throat like the swan, 
Her face is the fairest that ever the sun shone on
The deepest blue I see when e're I look into her eye
Gentle forest breezes make her golden tresses fly

Like dew upon the ground is the fall of her fairy feet 
Like the summer winds sighing, her voice low & sweet. 
And my Heart once again is filled with Joy and Glee
That my beautiful Faerie Princess doth still fly free


This is the Land which Time hath passed on by
This is the Realm where Dreams still live on
This is the Place where my Faerie Princess flies free
This is the Mysts of Avalon


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