The Dark Cloak Tavern


Though portraying Faerie and Elven and even Arthurian characters is more in the Realm of Fantasy role-playing than Medieval Recreation, it is never the less fact that people of the Medieval times believed in Dragons, Fay Folk, Elves and other creature and Arthur was History at that time, not myth. Even the Catholic churches put out food for the wee folk... just in case.

Our Guild has opened up a division that allows characters of this nature, as we do a lot of public appearances for children. It allows us to offer fun and fantasy aspects of our historical programs, and allows members a light hearted playful sector of the Guild.

Exploring Myths and Legends is part of what we do, and will soon play a major part in our Enchanted Realm...   So Join us now on a little trip into Mythology

The Story

Deep in the Mountains of Wales there lies the Ancestral Home of Shalott. This is where our story began, in the early days of the War of the Roses. The Great Lush Forests surrounding the lands of Shalott are a Mysterious and Magical place. Here time has left pockets of that which once was. An unwary traveller may chance into one of these Magical Portals, and if not careful, may be lost forever in an Enchanted Realm.

Otherworldly Home by Clinton Durham

Somewhere deep in the forest of our Enchanted Realm there is a secret clearing along side the road. It's a place that is hard to find because it shifts from place to place, never in the same spot twice. To find it you must be able to meet the requirements: a pure heart, a kind and gentle spirit (so you won't frighten away the faeries), a dream that is true and the courage to pursue it. And you must not fail to take with you those two most powerful companions indispensable for wishes to come true: they are of course "Faith" and "Hope".

The sounds of battle cries may be heard on a foggy morn, for Mighty Arthur once ruled this land. Elves and Faeries frolic in the flowers by the Lake still today as they have for many thousands of years, that Mystical Lake where Avalon finds a home. And if you watch closely, just as the early morning mysts depart, you may catch a glimpse of this Island.

This forest is home to legends and creature of all types and one never knows who or what one may meet in these woods. The Dark Cloak Tavern, deep within this wondrous place, has long been the meeting ground for denizens from all the different Realms. It sits on the crossroads between the Human World and that of the Faerie Lands. And from within its rooms, one may find a doorway that leads between the Realms. And we hear tell that for a small fee, the innkeeper may give directions for where one wishes to travel, and most important, how to find your way back!! 

Welcome to the Forest. Come rest a spell by the fire of the Dark Cloak Tavern and listen or share a tale or two while sampling the local ales. And perhaps, if your lucky, you too will discover a journey of your dreams.

Live the Dream!

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