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The Port of Shalott

The Golden Dragon leaving the outer harbour of the Port of Shalott on the evening tide {PictureInfo #3}

"Wait for the Seagulls"

Guild Member Groups
Port of Shalott
   History of the Port of Shalott - This is the Capitol of the Isle Home of the Founders
Mysts of Avalon - Portal to Other Worlds
 Eryn Lothluin - "Forest of Blue Flowers"  Home of Tania-Galia Elven Princess
 Endrina - Elven
 Allysia - Faerie Princess
Mystic Lands- Fae Fantasy Recreation Guild
Abbey at Chelsea - Franciscan Monastery c. 1100 AD
Archers of Avonmore - Archery and Equestrian Household
Army of Draconis - Armed Forces of the Isle
Cheval Blanc Equestrian Guild
Dragons Claw Inn - Brewers and Culinary Guild
House of Black Arrow - Scottish Mercanary Household
Odus the Red Woodwork Guild
Omar Kharim's Oasis - Belly Dance Guild
Order of the Silver Arrow - Archery Guild
Order of the Black Rose - Scholastic Order of Monks
Order of the Red Dragon - Order of Chivalry
Sallet du Armes Fencing Guild

Clan Na Faol - Prospective Member
Rogue's Cove Pirates - Past Member 
City of Mediterraneus - Past Member 
Brotherhood of the Gauntlet - Past Member 
Werehaven Keep - Past Member 
Ky-Sar-S Dance Troupe - Past Member 

Use the Map to Tour the Island

Map of Caldey Island

Map of the Island {See Caldey Island}

Other Destinations
Visit the Theatres Stop by the Church
Walk down Merchants Row Study at the Library
Visit Other Realms Take a ship to Exotic Destinations
Tour the Old Castle of Shalott Tour the New Castle of Shalott

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