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Being that the House of Shalott is the founding Household of the Isle of Standauffish Guild, the History of Shalott is intricately woven, much as the Tapestry of the Lady of Shalott, throughout this website and is presently an on-going living history. Baron Sir Zorgon of Shalott, Viceroy of the Isle of Standauffish has brought together many individuals from diverse backgrounds to create a dream. Read through our histories, browse through our galleries and see where all this has led. Many of our members have portfolios as they create their personas and bring them to life. These can be viewed from our member rosters found in each household page. There is much to be seen here.

The House of Shallot has now moved to the Isle and now resides in the Port of Shalott, the Capitol of the Isle. A great new chapter is about to unfold as we work to build our Enchanted Realm, a place where our Characters and History will come to life, mixed with a touch of Mythology and Fantasy to make it fun. If you seek a dream to be part of then contact any of our groups and join us in our quest of the dream.

Early History of the House of Shalott

This is the beginning, where it all began. Many of those who helped create this dream have since moved on, but their memories and participation still lives on in these pages. One day perhaps they may find their way back to our shores, or our paths may cross in this world we have created, as in fact they already have at several recent events.

Flag of the House of Shalott
Azure, A Wyvern displayed Or

The Port of Shalott - The Capitol

The Golden Dragon leaving the outer harbour of the Port of Shalott
on the evening tide {Picture Info #3}

     The Port of Shalott is the Capitol of the Isle of Ynys Pyre (Piro's Island) found just off the coast of Wales a couple miles from Tenby, the ancient home of the Tudor Merchant household. The Isle is the home of the Guild and was deeded to Baron Sir Zorgon by King Henry VII for services rendered in his war to take the crown of England. We live in the late 15th Century, a Welsh Protectorate under the Prince of Wales. Our history has been created to allow many newcomers to write their own place in our living story and thus make a home for themselves in our safe harbour.

     The Port is now the centre of activities for the Guild. The Shoppes, the Taverns, The Guild Halls all have a home here. Ships leave our docks to sail the Seven Seas and bring goods from the four corners of the Known Worlde.  The Various Orders, Guilds and Households that have lands on the Isle all have representation here.  It is the hub of commerce, entertainment and social activities for the Guild.
    Our Merchant Mariner concept allows our citizens to enjoy the riches and bounty that comes from a wealthy Merchant focus of the Isle. We are Merchants, we are Artisans, we are Entertainers and perhaps a few warriors will find us to their liking and rally to the defence of the Isle and all those principals we hold so dear. Hence our Motto that we live our history by:

"Unicum in Diversicum"
{Unity in Diversity}

The History of the House of Shalott and the Port  IS  the history of the Isle and is found in the Great Book, the chronological living History Tome of the Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild. Join us and write your own chapter, no matter how brief your stay with us may be.

History of the Port of Shalott

A New Loom for Shalott

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