Opportunity Village
Las Vegas,  Nevada

Serving Las Vegas Since 1954

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Opportunity Village is a community based, not-for-profit agency that serves people with mental retardation to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their families. OV dates back to 1954, when a group of Las Vegas families got together to support the needs of children with mental retardation.  As American society evolved, providing more support for children with disabilities of all types, OV expanded into specialized services for adults with mental retardation.  Little did those founding families know how large a community servant their small group would become... in fact, OV has for several years been the largest provider of vocational training and employment for people with disabilities in Nevada.  They currently serve over 450 people with severe disabilities, and have a waiting list that awaits additional funding. 

Visit their website for more information about how you can help

 For several years the Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild Inc. has been doing volunteer work at the Magical Forest at the Jones Ave. Campus. Every year for the opening of the christmas season at the forest, OV runs a "Camelot at the Forest" gala fund-raiser. Members of our group, with assistance from members of the other re-enactment clubs in town, have provided costumed people and entertainers, as well as decoration to maintain the theme.

Several important and honoured dignitaries have been Knighted for service to Opportunity Village, and our members where proud and honoured to provide this service.

Most recently we constructed a 40 foot tall one third scale Medieval Castle to add to the forest, and have plans in the works for an even better project in the near future.

Check out our Photo Galleries for past events in the Forest

Camelot in the Forest  1997
Camelot in the Forest 1998
Halloween "Safe Street" Oct 1999
Building the Castle Nov 1999
Camelot in the Forest 1999
Camelot For Kids - Neiman Marcus 1999
New Years Eve 1999
Frank Sinatra Golf Tournament 1998
Miss Kitty "Jewels to Jeans" BBQ and Rodeo

Baron Sir Zorgon of Shalott and Bjarki the Black at the entry gate

Members of Three Local Medieval Groups; From left to Right;
Mary MacPherson & Capt. Duncan MacPherson, House Black Arrow, IS
Baron Sir Zorgon of Shalott, Viceroy Isle of Standauffish, IS
Lord Theobald Oneglove, Herald, Barony of Starkhafn, SCA
John O'Daly, Brotherhood of the Gauntlet, IS; Rekko, Steel Fighter, ECS
Craig King {back}, Barony of Starkhafn, SCA: Lord Frendrick, Brotherhood, IS
Sir Camillo di Lombardi, Mediterraneus, IS; Count Sir William Baine, Steel Fighter, ECS
Sir Winter of Tara, Steel Fighter, ECS; Karima, Omar Kharim dancer, IS

This is one of our favorite pictures as it shows that despite political differences between
the various local groups, we can all get together for a good cause and have fun!

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