Event Photos
Age of Chivalry ~ October 2000
Renaissance Faire, Las Vegas

New Coat for the Viceroy

Annissa Performing on Omar Kharim's Stage Stage
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Duke Sir Camillo di Lombardi 
of the City of Mediteranneus
in Captain's Attire

Ren00a001.jpg Ren00a002.jpg
Knight from the Red Company
a group that does period encampments and jousting demos for Ren Faires and other events

Ren00a003.jpg Ren00a004.jpg
Dutchess CaLalah of Mediteranneus
Bringing out the Jousting Horses
Mary Queen of Scots in the Reviewing Stand built by 
Duke Sir Camillo di Lombardi of the City of Mediteranneus. 
Hosting the Saint Andrews Noble Order of Scots from San Jose California

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