Event Photos
Estrella War ~ February 2002
SCA Phoenix, Arizona

TRM Edric and Catalina

The Closing Court
Eleven Kingdoms Present
The Populace in their 
best garb
The Battle in the Pit
Over 100 Photos
The Combatants in their
Shining Armour  SEE NOTE
The Rapier Tournaments
The Period Encampments
The Period Pavilions
The Merchants

The Perfect End to a Perfect War
The Sunset


The Combatants in Shiny Armour

So early in the morning, must hustle into that armour for early muster,  no time...  no time...  must not be late...

Must rush off to battle the foe awaits, no time....

But gentle Lords and Ladies, that do fight so well, pause a moment before that armour is besmudged with the dust, the sweat, the blood and the tears, and let us record that glimmer for posterity,  for your visage is much more appealing marching into the fray, then dragging homeward after a hard days kill. 

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