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Great Western War XV
Oct 3-8, 2012

SCA Taft, CA

Great Western War - XV - 2012. Gatebook Cover by Tiarna Ciothruadh Dubh.

Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area, 13601 Ironbark Rd, Taft, CA 93268 ; Photo Credit

Third Auxiliary Dragoons at Great Western War XV (2012)
The Third Auxiliary Dragoons is a rapier fighting unit formed in the Barony of Angels, though soldiers of the Dragoons muster from all parts of Caid. The membership is "flexible". Fighters often serve as "irregulars" for only one or two wars or melee tournaments. Those interested in a more permanent membership may sign an "Oath of Acceptance" and be accepted into the soldiery. Two of The Isle of Standauffish members were the founding members of the Dragoons

Third Auxiliary Dragoons at Great Western War XV (2012)
Lady Rainvaig Ruriksdottir and Don Issac Hutzel von Wuttenberg, Rapier Combatants SCA 2003 and members of the Isle of Standauffish. After they both moved  to Artemisia, Don was admitted to the Order of the White Scarf of Artemisia.

Rainvaig and Don were founding members of the Dragoons. They are still listed in the roster as;

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