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The Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild is mainly focused on the Tudor Years starting with the birth of Henry VII and ending with the death of Henry VIII, though we do cover other areas of interest. Our Tudor re-enactment sector, The Port of Shalott has a set timeline in the years circa 1500.

These pages contain Oil Paintings scans, general information on lifestyles and costuming help. The majority of the research on these pages as well as the scans from books has been done by Lara E Eakins, Tudor Specialist, University of Texas, an Honorary Member of the Guild. Links to her site are provided but it is currently offline.

Read her short biography here

Other members will also be adding their material as well so, like all our pages, this will be an ongoing work. If you have anything to contribute please contact us so we may include it in our library. Information on joining us can also be found on our main site. Just click "home" below  

Main Character History with Portraits
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Costume Reference Gallery
These images are picked as they best show the period costumes
We will be adding photos of our members in their garb as well

Lara E. Eakins Gallery
Comprehensive Collection of Tudor History images grouped by name
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Music by Henry VIII
Pastime With Good Company

Outside Links

Tudor England by Lara E Eakins

Tudor England by Marilee

Tudor England: Images: Portraits of the Tudor Monarchs and Others

More Coming Soon

"Pastimes With Good Company"
Written by Henry VIII 

Go Here for Lyrics and original song sheet

Music courtesy of The Internet Renaissance Band

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