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"Drathmar Badge" 2005  Blue Knight Productions

Blue Knight Productions
2585 Palma Vista Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada

(702) 388-9616

As of January 2005 Blue Knight Productions with all its trade names and identities is now DBA "Land of Legends Las Vegas

Medieval Merchants
Renaissance Merchandise Full Catalog Division

2585 Palma Vista Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 388-9616


The Following List Contains Copyrighted Trade Names
used by Blue Knight Productions
  2000 - 2006  Blue Knight Productions

Land of Legends
Future Resort Destination
Arabian Dreams
Belly Dance Merchandise
Illusionary Visions
Magic Props Etc.
Medieval Merchants
General Medieval Merchandise
Traders of Shalott
Trade Goods from Around the World
Ye Olde Music Shoppe
CD's, Instruments, Etc.
Tymeless Traditions
Garb, Costume and Tents
Blue Knight Productions
Event Productions
Drathmar Corporation
Parent Company
Las Vegas International Belly Dance Competition
Event Name
Las Vegas Renaissance Festival
Event Name
Las Vegas International Archery Tournament
Event Name
Las Vegas International Steel Compitition
Event Name

These are all registered in Clark County, Nevada

The Following List contains Copyrighted Trade Names
for Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild
2000 - 2006  Isle of Standauffish

Omar Kharim
Belly Dance Guild
Mysts of Avalon
Elf and Faerie Section
Port of Shalott
English Seaport
Sallet d'Arms
Fencing Academy
Army of Draconis
Mercenary Army
Order of the Red Dragon
Chivalric Order
Order of the Silver Arrow
Archery Guild
Cheval Blanc
Equestrian Guild


Land of Legends

Blue Knight Productions

Medieval Merchants

Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild

Women of the Myst

Omar Kharim's Belly Dance Guild

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