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History Of Omar Kharim's 
Guild of Dance

Omar Kharim's Guild of Dance has been in existence now in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1996. During that time we have been fortunate indeed to have the skills of Ya Shara Perizad el Shazadee as our instructress. Along with Shareem Sar and Karima  as assistants, these ladies have graciously provided the free classes that we offer. And along with her dance troupe, "The Dancers of the Blue Moon" (recently changed to "Al-Ateeka"), they have provided much support for activities hosted and sponsored by Omar Kharim and the Isle of Standauffish in general.

The classes are and shall continue to remain free, however there is a non compulsory membership available for those wishing to support our efforts and be entitled to certain privileges within the overall Guild as well as receive discounts on merchandise from Medieval Merchants. Membership forms can be found here.

Originally formed under the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms), the Guild soon went its own way, becoming part of the Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild. The Guild is open to participants of any of the other organizations and dance schools as well as the general public. We have many members from the other clubs and schools in our group. 

We originally formed the group to seek dancers to participate in our events and other Renaissance activities and to form our own loyal troupe of Dancers. The other goal is to promote the art of the dance in Las Vegas, giving both novice and experienced dancers a place to go to share their skills and company. Since then our focus is expanding to becoming a central focal point for the art here in Las Vegas.

Through our newly formed production company, Blue Knight Productions, we will be hosting and sponsoring many events here in Las Vegas. We hope to have a placement service available in the near future for those wishing to earn money with their dance experience be it full time, or just occasional appearances.

Monthly Haflas will be held at Omar's House here in Las Vegas. We have a stage set up under a big tent, and the pool is available for those wishing to take a cooling dip. Stay tuned here for dates and time.

Plans are underway for a wonderful Enchanted Realm where Middle Eastern Dance and culture will play a major part. Details will be available shortly both on our website and at our Dance Classes. This promises to be an exciting venture and we have an awesome amount of support so far. Volunteers are needed to help us with the massive task of preparing the proposal reports and such thing as flyers and fund raising campaigns.


Contact me at Omar Kharim if you are interested in more details.


Class Schedule and Event Calendar
Note: These are old dates and no longer valid for historical record

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