John O'Daly on the Quarter Deck


Note: The Brotherhood has gone on to form
their own Guild which can be reached here

History of the Brotherhood of the Gauntlet

The Brotherhood consist of a group of friends that were new to Medieval re-creation and had not yet taken to the Historical aspect of the game. Perhaps that explains why they have yet to find their place. They came to us through the Rogue's Cove originally, except Bjarki the Black, who was a friend of Lady Kate.

However, for the brief time they were with the Isle, they were a very active and enthusiastic participants. Perhaps our paths will cross again in the future. In the meantime we wish them well on their quest for a home. A few of their ladies still participate at Omar Kharim's Guild of Dance at time of writing. As the Brotherhood has left the Guild, there will not be any persona histories available at this time, though there are left behind some amusing war stories that we shall relate sometime soon.

Update Jan 2002: The Brotherhood has a small but close knit group with an awesome period encampment and participate annually at our local Renaissance Faire here in Las Vegas as well as many SCA events. John and Bjarki assisted us at our Movie Opening of "Gladiator" at United Artists theater here in Las Vegas. We wish them well in their pursuit of the dream.


Encampment of the Brotherhood at Ren Faire 1998
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