Castle of the Duke and Duchess of Mediterraneus

Sir Camillo on "Joker" in front of his Castle

History of the City of Mediterraneus

The City of Mediterraneus was created by Sir Camillo and Lady Ca'Lalah after years of working on a fitting theme while involved with the other three Re-Creation groups here in Las Vegas. While they still participate with these groups, as do most of us, they too have made a home on the Isle, and a most welcome addition.

The Duke and Duchess of Mediterraneus are currently working on an Equestrian Guild and how that takes off will depend on interest, but here in our History, the beginnings of it will be available to all.

Update;  Sir Camillo and his household have left once again and are currently involved with Saint Andrews Ren Guild. We wish them well in their new home.

Device of the City of Mediterraneus

The Duke and Duchess of Mediterraneus
Taken at ECS Fools War 1996

Duke Camillo di Lombardi
Dame CaLalah of Rosemyrth

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