Neptune's Fury at rest in Rogue's Cove 
on the North East Corner of the Isle

History of the Rogue's Cove

Captain Aramis and he Rogue's Cove Pirates were the first group to actually participate with the Isle before it became a Guild. In effect they were one of the two founding groups that led to our current political structure. They have participated with the Guild in a limited capacity here in Las Vegas due to their more recent time period, but never-the-less provide an interesting segment of our History. From time to time we still come together for joint ventures and plan for more of these in the near future.

We on the Isle wish the Captain and his crew of the "Neptune's Fury" Faire Wynds and plenty of Spanish Gold, and let them know herewith that they shall always have a safe harbour on the Isle.

Flag of the Rogue's Cove Maritime Society
Rogue's Cove
Flag Sewn by Baroness Acadia

"Jest a wee bit more powder next time Mr. Long!"
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