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These pages will contain information and artwork about the Gorean Legend created by John Norman. Some is taken from others work, with due credits and acknowledgement , some is our own creation, with variances that suit our needs within our game, and some is real info and photos of some of our players, our warriors and most especially our dancers, who more than most bear the heart and spirit of Gor.

The concept of Gor and the excerpts and quotes used on thesepages are from the Gor novels and are copyright and All Rights Reserved by John Norman <Biography Here> We owe him Special Thanks for without his vision the World of Gor would have remained hidden forever!

And Special Thanks must go out to Boris Vallejo and Ken Kelly, For without their gifts of art we may never had a glimpse of the World of Gor. These pages are dedicated and pay tribute to these artists and the author.

And now a new chapter imerges! Once again Gor lives, for John has released Volume # 26 "Witness of Gor". And more than that, his officially endorsed home page offers new printings of all the novels as well as newly created artwork, all sanctioned by the author himself so he can  maintain his vision of Gor intact. Visit his site and share in our world!

Update: 2015

Most of the information collected on this page comes from older Fan based sites, many of which are no longer active after all these years. There are others but we do not have the time to update those. The information is the same and can be found at the links below via the Wayback Archive

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"Escape" by Ken Kelly
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The Official Homepage of Gor
The Art of Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell
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Free Women of Gor
Kassars of Gor - The Blood People
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The Paravaci - The Rich of Wagon People
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Tor-Tu-Gor - A slave girl's view of Gor
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The Central Fire Major Gorean Reference Site
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