Mission Statement: Release 01/01/06

Las Vegas has long been just another word for gambling. As one of the fastest growing cities in America, the time has come to upgrade the image. With a population nearing two million, there remains a serious lack of non-gaming venues dedicated to the cultural and performing arts. The Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild, Inc., a Nevada not-for-profit historical reenactment group, in association with Blue Knight Productions, have begun the first in a four phase plan to create what will become a world class destination for all aspects of the cultural and performing arts: The Globe Theater and Performing Arts Complex and Land of Legends, an historical adventure resort destination.

The Globe Theater and Performing Arts Complex will include an exact architectural replication of Londonís historic landmark for the performance of the works of Shakespeare and Dickens, Comedia Del Arte, Kabuki theatre and the like. A second Ďfour wallí Memorial Theatre will seat fifteen hundred, lending a more intimate atmosphere for smaller theatrical and musical performances. The Conservatory of the Arts is comprised of small theatres, recital rooms, workshops, classrooms and kitchen facilities. Support shops, such as costume sales and rentals, a bakery and a poetry coffee house are also on site.

A non-profit center, it will offer low-cost and no-cost facilities to local theatrical and arts organizations. Also planned are children and youth theatre programs, accredited and school classes in nearly every aspect of the performing arts, field trips and summer day camp programs. Scholarship and grant programs are being set up. Employment opportunities for class graduates will be available in the adjoining Land of Legends, an historical adventure resort destination: the last stage in the four-step plan. 

A for profit, non-gaming property, Land of Legends is unlike any other family theme or resort park in the world, encompassing history, education and old world culture allowing our guests to completely immerse themselves in the fantasy. Have you longed to don the armor of a chivalrous knight and fight for the hand of your lady fair? Alternatively, explore the exotic sights and scents of the fabled Silk Road, sampling the many delights of the Kasbah. Perhaps you dream of joining the Royal Court of King Henry VIII; whatever your dream, you will live the legend at Land of Legends.

What began as one manís vision has now grown to include a core group of dedicated volunteers who have begun to make the dream a reality, beginning with East Meetís West: Dragonís Faire, a series of outdoor historical and arts themed events. Proceeds from the Dragonís Faire go to implement Phase Two, a series of Concerts by artists that represent our theme. Those proceeds, will in turn, fund Phase Three, with a commitment already in place to bring the spectacular equestrian show, Cie Amarok of France for an extended Las Vegas engagement Ėthe first of itís kind anywhere in the US -which, ultimately, will be the centerpiece of the permanent Land Of Legends park, the fourth and final phase of the plan.

Undertaking a project of this magnitude requires outside support. We are currently seeking investors, sponsors, merchants, and volunteers for the East Meetís West: Dragonís Faire, as well as sponsors and investors for The Globe Theater and Performing Arts Complex. You can be a part of building a new and exciting future - a chance to make Las Vegas the newest star on the worldís cultural and performing artís stage. In addition to the tremendous positive impact on the citizens of Las Vegas, due to the advent of legalized gambling in a majority of states, the Globe Cultural and Performing Arts Theatre Complex and Land of Legends also guarantees to bring in an entirely new and  diverse group of visitors and performers benefiting the city as a whole.

Humankindís greatest achievements began with but a single idea and a dedication to making it into a reality.  Your help will make a difference.