"Summer Winds - Celtic Dragon"
This is the first in a series of four images 
representing the "Seasons of the Dragon" 
All rights reserved 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley

Summer Winds Celtic Dragon...
In the Land of Legends, Dreams are Lived!

When the Summer winds blow, travel to the West.
Chivalrous Knights joust on the field of honor.
Seek the hills to Medieval Merchants Shoppes,
for that special gift or keepsake of
clothing, art, or handmade wares...

In the Mid-Lands, bards sing and actors play,
fantasy folk and faeries roam,
enchantment is felt through Shakespearean words...

Look to the East, as the belly dancers sway,
and pirates swarm at the waters edge,
take in a feast or taste the ale.

Full circle you have come,
to the teaching grounds and knowledge center.
Participate in classes to relive the past,
or watch master craftsmen perfect their trade.

A Celtic Circle binds this land.
A Dragon protects us all.
Journey to a time of olde.
Escape to...

Premiere Resort Destination

Greetings and Welcome to the Land of Legends
For several years now we have been planning and putting the infrastructure together for our Project. What we are attempting to achieve with our various companies and our main goal is an awesome undertaking. The road to our Realm has been difficult and bumpy at times with several setbacks, and we still have a lot of things to put in place. This website and its chapters is the end result of all our work so far, but it doesn't portray the hours of work in establishing contacts that are necessary for a project of this scale.

There are many opportunities for people to be part of the dream. We have set up companies with specific goals and functions, then woven them all into an intertwined network much like a tapestry that will support our project. This has been a long and tedious task, but we are now in a position to activate all the aspects of our creation.

Our non-profit group, the "Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild", has already been active in the Las Vegas community for several years while "Blue Knight Productions" has been working towards securing locations to hold events to further our cause. The merchandise section is now finally ready after years of setup and securing contacts. Over the next several months items will be offered for sale in all of our categories. Be patient as this is a long process. The overall setup will be much like a Medieval Town, with Foreign Ports of Call. You can visit the shoppes, both our companies and those of our affiliates and associates, there are Guilds to join, both active and on the internet.

You will find good deals and hidden treasures, artifacts and art from the Knowne Worlde and at the end of the Journey there will come to be an awesome place, to be detailed in the very near future as we seek to raise the seed money to begin the land purchase.

We have recently welcomed a group of fine artists to our fold, who appear under the banner "Women of the Mysts". The leader of this group, Vicki Visconti-Tilley has created the first in a series of four "Seasons of the Dragon" paintings for the project.

We are seeking advisors and volunteers that wish to share this vision and be part of the Dream. Contact us at project@standauffish.net for more details and how you can play a part.

Detailed information will be available on these pages shortly for patrons, investors, volunteers and career opportunities. We have taken several "on contingency" positions already but need much assistance in the business structure and fund raising areas of the project.

Call (702) 388-9616 to get more information

Mission Statement

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