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 Welcome to our site. This is the Home of the Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild. Over the years many members have come and gone, and some years we are not as active as others. These pages are many, so be patient going through the menu. Many years of activity and many contributions by members helped create this site as a resource for Reenactors and a show case for our activities. Many members have added their own little section and while many are no longer with us, we keep the memories alive. So join us now for a tour of our Guild.

UPDATE: January 2017.  The Guild has been inactive for several years due to several key members who passed away suddenly in 2004 just when we were in the process of working on the plans for a permanent site theme park.  We were very close to making the dream a reality when three of our key people passed away of heart attack within three months. This caused a ripple effect and members scattered to the Four Winds and left us devastated. We are now renewing efforts to rebuild the Guild and will be seeking people who wish to work with us. The Theme Park Project is still a viable option, if we can find the right team.  If you wish to participate even if only online, contact us  HERE

Land of Legends
Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild Inc
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Land Of Legends
Land of Legends Project
Initial Meeting With Amarok

Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild

Brief  Tour - A brief tour with photos for those just surfing by Our Mascots - See Our Mascots and enter the "Give them a Name" contest
Bulletin Board - Isle of Standauffish
No current Information. We will update this section soon
Publicity for the Isle and Members
Membership Information

Newsletter - Monthly Online Newsletter Member Roster - Constantly Changing Membership List
Origins - Origin of the Name "Isle of Standauffish" Mailing Lists - Isle of Standauffish & Affiliates Mailing Lists
Member Manual - Still in Progress to be released soon
Ports of Call - Member Groups of The Isle

Army of Draconis Branch - Armed Forces of the Isle
Abbey at Chelsea Free State - Franciscan Monastery c. 1100 AD
Archers of Avonmore Free State - Archery and Equestrian Household
House of Black Arrow Free State - Scottish Mercanary Household
Port of Shalott Free State - Home Port and Capitol of the Isle
Cheval Blanc Free State - Equestrian Guild
Dragons's Claw Inn Free State - Brewers & Culinary Guild
Odus the Red's Free State - Woodworking Guild
Omar Kharim's Branch - Belly Dance Guild
Mysts of Avalon Portal - Fantasy Guilds
Sallet D'Arms Free State - Fencing Guild
Mystic Lands Free State - Fae Fantasy Guild
Order of the Red Dragon Branch - Order of Chivalry
Order of the Black Rose Free State - Order of Scholars
Order of the Silver Arrow Branch - Archery Guild
Brotherhood of the Gauntlet Past member - Mercenary
Rogue's Cove Maritime Society Past member - Pirates
City of Mediterraneus Past member - Italian Renaissance
Past member - Belly Dance Troupe
Werehaven Keep Past Associates
Foreign Ports - Ports Related to Guild Activities

Age of Chivalry Renaissance Faire
Empire of Chivalry and Steel {ECS}
Kingdom of Aragon
Adrian Empire
Kingdom of Albion
Adrian Empire
Opportunity Village Society for Creative Anachronism {SCA}
The Saint Andrews Society
Society of Modern Scots
The Order of The Gael
Society of Modern Scots
Events Calendar- Listing of Current and Annual Events
No current Information. We will update this section soon
Meeting and Workshop Schedules
No current Information. We will update this section soon
Class Schedules
No current Information. We will update this section soon
News Groups - Access Menu for Isle Mailing Lists
Photo Galleries
College of Heraldry - Isle of Standauffish
Library - Records and History of the Guild are found here

General Information - Instructions, Directions, Disclaimer and Download Fonts

Omar Kharim's Guild of Belly Dance
Class Schedules
Photo Gallery
Events Past and Future
Membership Information
History of the Guild
Dancer Profiles

Historical and Other Topics
The Tudor Years - Tudor History for the Guild
College of Heraldry - Isle of Standauffish
General Topics Directory
Reference Library

Fantasy Realms and Associates
Eryn Lothluin - Forest of Blue Flowers
Mystic Lands - Fae Fantasy Guild of the Isle
Dragon Book
Elven Book
Faerie Book
Robin of Sherwood - Robin Hood Info and ROS Fan Pages
Planet Gor - Fantasy Based on the Gorean Novels by Norman
Samantha's Domain - Artwork and Poetry by Member
The Secret Dungeon - Medieval Torture Museum

Past Members Home Pages
Hand of Fatima - Professional Bellydance Classes
Rogue's Cove Maritime Society - Pirate Theatrical Guild
City of Mediterraneus- Products and Guild
Brotherhood of the Gauntlet- Mercenary Guild

NOTICE: Some of the areas in Blue Knight Productions are no longer active
but still contain much information and past history of interest

Blue Knight Productions
Models and Artists - Available for Work and Sales of Artwork
Webpage Design and Graphics
Photography and Stock Photos
Illusionary Visions - Magic Productions (Past Member)
Performers and Entertainers
Projects - Past, Present and Future

Medieval Merchants
Arabian Dreams - Belly Dance Merchandise
Armor by Camillo - Armor, Props
Francine C. Dufour Art - Artist, Fantasy, Ethereal & Myth
Jane Starr Weils Art - Artist, Fantasy, Ethereal & Myth
Lionel Dougy & T. Aitkinson - Fantasy Artists
Noel Costumier - Elizabethan and other Historical Costumes
Odin's Forest - Period Furniture, Glassware and Rugs
The Hat Matters Company - Period Hats and Accessories
Traders of Shalott - Gemstones, Minerals and Collectables
Tymeless Traditions - Garb, Costume & Tents
Vicki Visconti-Tilley Art - Artist, Fantasy, Ethereal & Myth
Ye Olde Music Shoppe - Tapes, CD's, Instruments
Member Advertisements - Marketing & Posting Board 

Noel Costumier - Member Merchant Elizabethan and Historical Costumes

The Village Blacksmith - Member Merchant Period Blacksmith Shoppe

Science and Technology and Related
Pegasus Research Consortium
The Star*Gates by E.  Vegh - Theory Related to the Anunnaki
John Lear - A Collection of Theories and Facts
The Stargates by Ron Schmidt - Speculative Presentation
Rosslyn, Between Two Worlds - by Brian J Allan
Pegasus UFO Files - Collection of Reports and Documents
The Ancients - Evidence of Past Extraterrestrial Intervention
The Cosmic Wisdom of the Ancients

The Library and Research Area Text Menu
Library Records and History of the Guild are found hereas well as research topics and links of interest to members.
     1. Archives Gateway to the various Merchant Areas and Pro
          1. Guild History History of the Guild, both the background and the living Histories
          2. Guild Documents Documents Important to the Guild and its Members
          3. Guild Map Room Maps of the Island and Surrounding Areas; Trade Routes;  Etc.
     2. The Bulletin Board Announcements, Update, Advertisements, Event Calendar
           1. Announcements Important Announcements; Weddings Etc., General notices.
          2. Events Calendar Guild Events and other group events of interest to our members
          3. Advertisements Area  for Advertisements and Sponsors and Medieval Merchant Guild Members Ads and Links
     3. The Photo Gallery Photos of Members, Events, and the Free City States
     4. The Meeting Rooms This is the Members only Area with public access to Membership Information
           1. Meetings Upcoming and Ongoing Meetings Calendar and Schedules
           2. Classes Upcoming and Ongoing Classes Calendar and Schedules
     5. Research Department Files and Links of Interest to Members
           1. Guild Related On site Material  Related to Guild History and Interests
           2. Topics of Interest On site Topics of Various Subjects of Interest to Members
           3. The Medieval Arts Off site Topics of Craft and Arts Resources
           4. Related Links Our Favorite Links, Vatican, Buckingham Palace, Etc
           5. Reference Material A list of relevant reference books etc.
           6. Miscellaneuous Links An Assortment of Interesting Medieval Sources
     6. The Music Room Musicians Area; Music Files; Song Lyrics; Tapes & CD's
          1. Men of Harlech Welsh Battle Song with Lyrics
          2. Coventry Carol Tudor Lullaby with Lyrics
          3. Pastime w/ Good... Written by Henry VIII   with Lyrics
          4. Greensleeves Greensleeves by Henry VIII {?} with Lyrics
     7. The Theatres Bardic Area; Performance Info & Guilds; Poetry Etc.
     8. Editorials Editorials by the Founder of the Isle
     9. The Planning Department Guild Projects that are in the works or planned for the future
   10. The Accounting-Department Accounts for view for members and directors access
   11. The Legal Department Legal information and documents
               1. Copyright Information Copyright Info, Etc.  available for view
               2. Fair Use Document Document on the Fair Use of Artwork on Website - Court Ruling
  12. The File Clerk's Office Files and Documents available for member viewing/downloading

Research and Topics of Interest
Tudor Years Tudor History Subjects and Costumes
Worlde History Relavent to our Time Frame
Kings of England Portrait Tour
Lovat Frasers Clan Information
Captain Morgan Caldey Island Reference
Rhys apThomas Controversial character in Welsh history
Vikings Caldey Island Reference
Orders and Institutions
Order of the Blue Garter England's Order of Knighthood
Order of the Thistle Scotland's Order of Knighthood
Knights Templar Grande Priory of Wales
Order of Saint John's Hospitaler Knights in England, Malta and Rome
Caldy Island Info on the Island we use as "Home" for the Guild History
King Arthur Various pages dealing with the Knights of the Round Table
Castles & Buildings Collection of Info on Castles
     1. Bodiam Castle Pictures and History of Bodiam Castle, Sussex, England
     2. St. Mary's Church St. Mary's Church, Sompting West Sussex, England
Medieval Ships Collection of Info on Medieval Ships
     1. Mary Rose History of the Mary Rose and Links to foundation
     2. Spanish Galleons History of the Spanish Galleons
     3. Columbus History of Columbus and his Voyages


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